• Yes. All religious people are human, and some human are amoral people

    Since all religious people are human, and some human are amoral people. THerefore, some amoral people are religious. Besides, I have seen no reason to believe otherwise. Numerous Catholic Cardinals, for example, involved in child abuse, which by the name itself is immoral. These cardinals are religious and they have committed amoral actives.

  • Ever heard of the pope?

    Think of ALL of the religious leaders around the world. Religion has only ever been used in the past to justify murder, rape, and slavery. Religious people are all a bunch of dicks. All it is is hype to exert control over foolish people. Ironically the most moralistic people I've met are A-religious.

  • Sure they can

    Yes is the answer look at the history of the Borgia family, and leap all the way forward where I have seen first hand in my country (Ireland) the untold damage done by children raping priests,and these individuals would proclaim there belief in the "good book" .And then you have the self same individuals lecturing ordinary people on morality .... Mixed up to say the least

  • They can and have.

    Morality and religious views are completely independent of each other. I don't believe the crusades were very moral, or the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The Inquisition, Witch Hunts, and the Jihads are all accounts of Mass Murder done for ones religion. And that's only murder! There are numerous accounts of rape victims being punished for being "defiled", as well as the oh so famous Aztec and Buddhist human sacrifices. So, to answer your question, yes.

  • They can because they are!

    Throughout history and today, large numbers of people of religious faith have behaved in an amoral way- perhaps not always recognising it, but often using religious text to hide behind. In fact most religions bring intolerance, and that intolerance can translate into amoral behaviours. We may argue regarding what constitutes amorality, still... The answer is yes, amoral people can be religious, because some of them are!

  • No, they can not.

    Religion and being religious is often spoken of in terms of living and aspiring to certain moral codes and values such as respect and kindness towards other people. It also teaches you the difference between right and wrong. Since amoral people have no sense of care or conscience whether the act they are doing is morally wrong and are incapable of understanding or refuse to understand moral concepts as such, they can not conform to any religion.

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Keneverlyn says2015-04-20T12:47:53.637
The existence of God has been argued against with reference especially to the fact of evil. A mere curiosity of the mind will debt you to the denial of God. A human person has two realities in himself, the one spiritual and the other somatic. It is only spiritual beings that are endowed with the first substance and the material the other. Thus somehow man forms abridge between the material reality in which he finds himself and the spiritual reality which he must hope to gain. A preoccupation with the previous thesis leads us to atheism