Can an act of violence be called 'terrorism' if the motive is unknown?

  • It has to have a Cause

    Everything has to have a cause, a person who commits an act of terrorism can justify their acts whether it be just watch a world burn, as an act of revenge, or as is most commonly associated with terrorism, religion. It kinda has to do with all acts of terrorism is an act of violence, but not all acts of violence are acts of terrorism.

  • Yes it can be called terrorism.

    Any act of violence can be considered terrorism whether the motive is entirely known or not. Most acts of violence are completely unneccesary to begin with. Even if the motive is known, violence is in itself senseless and causes terror to whom the violence is acted upon. Most culprits who commit the acts of violence have some type of justified reasoning associated with their sick ideas.

  • That makes no sense.

    No, and the fact that this is done is a reflection on the misunderstanding of the word "terrorism" and the sensationalism of media today. "Terrorism" means something specific. It does not refer to any act of violence. It is absurd to call something "terrorism" if we don't even know why it was done.

  • Words have meanings

    The meaning of the word "terrorism" is not "anything terribly wrong" although "terrorism" is something terribly wrong. Just because something is terribly wrong doesn't make it terrorism. A person who commits an act of violence is not a terrorist if their motivation is not to terrorize a society into certain behaviors.

    People seem to feel all too justified to use strong words when they feel the emotions call for it without bothering to consider what the word actually means. This is irresponsible and we shouldn't be shy about calling people out on it.

  • That would be like letting a bull loose in a china shop.

    Labeling a violent act as "terrorism" even if the motive is unknown could cause mass hysteria. Sometimes we tend to jump the line and yell 'terrorism.' We should call it as it is, a senseless act of violence against another human being or place of establishment. We should not be so quick to judge and label.

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