Can an adolescent become a great and influential debater from arguing with parents at childhood?

Asked by: Arosi2123
  • It could easily happen

    You come up with ideas and to Dismissah, you could still remember what your parents said in retrospect.

    It also depends on one's motivation. If one is really young and thinks "I want to be a great lawyer someday" and that's the motivation for arguing more with the parents then they will likely try arguments from different angles and will consider what their parents say (for the purposes of sharpening their debating skills). This is a rare motivation but it's not impossible.

  • I wish I could say yes

    As much as I'd like the yes, I don't think it can happen. When arguing, the mind often closes of- refusing to accept anything as right/correct except what you want. If an adolescent was rather to listen and try and understand the reason for their parents saying what they say, they will become very wise thus becoming more that capable of debating and changing minds.

    Our parents are much older than us, their being old fashioned and just old in general brings with is a vast well of knowledge. It takes humility to silence oneself and drink of that well... Unfortunately, most of the youth today are too proud. As one myself, we think we know it all.

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