Can an adult with good intentions sometimes make a problem worse?

  • If the wrong words are said

    When it comes to an adult with good intentions sometimes making a problem more worse or blow it out more, I do believe it's possible. This could happen to anyone at any age, come to think of it. Sometimes they may word their points wrong sending up the wrong message.

  • Yes they can.

    An adult, or even teen and child with good intentions can make something worse. It is not because they are ignorant it is just because sometimes what you are trying to do for someone else just was not the right time for them or they did not need the help you gave.

  • Of course they can

    Adults aren't devoid of blame, we all know that. They can make poor decisions just like any youth can. An adult can go into a situation with the best of intentions and due to some unforeseen circumstance be it from coincidence or ignorance make a problem worse from accidentally offending somebody, ruining a surprise, etc. Countless ways.

  • Yes, people with good intentions can nevertheless make things worse.

    Someone may have good intentions, and only make things worse. This is because no one is infallible. For example, if someone notices two people arguing and tries to step in to help stop it, they may end up taking sides, or sounding like they're taking sides, and only make the problem escalate. Merely having good intentions does not guarantee that a person will be successful in resolving an issue; however, we should still attempt to solve problems, and shouldn't use this as an excuse.

  • Yes, good intentions are no guarantee.

    The old saying is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This means that you can intend the best but still have it not be the right path or not end up in a good result. But good intentions are better than bad intentions, and we can only do our best.

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