Can an online class truly replace the in-person, live and real feeling of a class filled with human connections, debates and relationships?

  • Yes, I believe online classes can replace the in-person experience of a class filled with humans.

    I believe that eventually as our video and voice technology develops then we can replicate the experience of an in-person classroom, I believe that while in person contact is useful in education I believe online education is going to end up becoming more and more widely adapted by school districts all around in the future.

  • Yes you can

    Online is the future more than likely for many different schools across the United States of America along with the rest of the world. Online is creating news things that we have not seen ever before in many different places. So I believe online can be such a great thing.

  • Online classes cannot replace the actual classroom experience

    It is my opinion that online classes cannot replace the in-person, live and real feeling of a class filled with human connections and relationships. I feel that a large portion of the educational experience is based in interpersonal and face to face interactions that online classes can not entirely duplicate.

  • No, but it can be a part of an education.

    Online classes are great for helping a student who also works or takes care of a family to have exposure to the subject matter and even get to interact with the teacher and perhaps the other students but they should just be apart of the education because the debating of important ideas in person is part of the process.

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