• Yes, Andrew Luck is one of the most skilled quarterbacks in the NFL.

    The Indianapolis Colts have not gotten off to the start they had planned for this season. A large part of this is because Andrew Luck was injured during the beginning of the season. Luck is now back, however, and his skills will help lead the Colts back from an unimpressive start. The Colts also are in a very weak division, and Luck will likely be able to take them to the playoffs.

  • Of course he can!

    Sure he has struggled this season but who hasn't other than Brady, Dalton and Carr. I believe that the win over Denver will propel the Colts on to big things. He's an elite QB and he will prove it when it matters most. He's going to get healthy and that alone will make a huge difference. When his team needs him to step up big he usually does and in impressive fashion. Don't give up on Andrew Luck just yet because he's about to prove you and all the haters wrong.

  • Quarterback's Name Alludes to Victory

    In his most recent match up against the Broncos, Luck threw 252 yards and lead his team to victory. He achieved the unimaginable: He upset the undefeated record of Denver's team. A team is not made of one man, but it always helps to have a great leader. "If I could pick one player to start a franchise with, I’d want Luck," said NBC Sports' Micahael David Smith. Over the course of a single Sunday, he has changed the course of the NFL playoffs.

  • He Can Help

    I feel like he can help. However, you can't put all the wins and loses of a team on just one person. Andrew Luck can't "save" the Colts without the rest of the team behind him giving him the support he's going to need. He will hopefully make a great impact on the team and bring them together and help support the team, but a whole team isn't on one persons shoulders.

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