Can animal testing for non-medical purposes be justified?

Asked by: MyLittleOpinion
  • Yes, If it help the mankind

    Killing animals is bad, but if it is done for greater good, i'd say, it is less bad. Even killing animals for medical purpose is bad as well, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. But killing animals for no reason, just for the fun of it, like hunting, is indeed evil.

  • Animal testing is always justified

    Animal testing for non-medical purposes can be justified. This is because of the fact that animals are lower than us on the food chain. We are omnivores and therefore have the right to use animals as we please for testing. Testing will better humanity, and humanity comes before animals always.

  • No, we are a selfish species

    There is absolutely no way this can ever be justified. Animal testing for medical reasons is already selfish, but as humans we see it as a necessity to preserve and help our own species even at the cost of other species. Then as the dominant species, our desire to help and improve our species manifests into the real world through animal testing. However when animal testing is present for reasons that are not necessary for us to live our lives e.G. Cosmetic reasons, how can we continue this practise. We all have one life and we are denying animals a chance of life or worse, giving them a life filled with suffering, for our own selfish reasons. More money and effort needs to go into research for alternatives to animal testing!

  • No, not in most cases.

    Testing on animals that hurts or kills them is not justifiable because it is not necessary and is for our own vanity and convenience. Medical purposes that can not be accomplished in any other way might be justifiable, but cosmetics and such just offer no reason why an animal should suffer that way.

  • It can not.

    Animal testing for the purpose of non-medical testing can not be justified. Testing make up and other stupid things like that on animals is wrong and it should be stopped. There is not benefit to human kind by torturing the animals for anything but way to improve our medicine and health.

  • Animal testing for non-medical purposes cannot be justified.

    It cannot be justified to use animals to test frivolous products that are not essential for human life. For this reason, many people boycott products that are tested on animals. Although there is a good reason to use animal testing to save human lives, it cannot be justified to kill animals for better make up or soap.

  • Animal testing is questionable even for medical purposes.

    Cruelty to any living being says a lot about those willing to perform it. Probably more than any test results could garner. If a product's safety for human use is questionable, that product should simply not be used. There are alternatives that we know are safe. Instead of performing tests on animals, we should eliminate products that are a potential risk to any species.

  • Oh hell to the no

    If I wanted to test something I was even a tiny bit unsure about, I would use a human. Animal testing should have a consequences of a slow and painful death, as a species... We have no right to live, the earth would be better of without us, we kill of species, eat them and we believe we have a right to test on these defenseless creatures for medical care, for us?! If it works then why don't we test on ourselves to help animals, and ourselves, if I ever saw someone who tests on animals and as a result killed millions, I would conduct experiments on that person until they die . Most humans are undeniable a plague on this planet which needs to be destroyed until only the earth and should be exterminated and only the good (kind and respective towards animals) should live

  • Nope not a chance.

    No lets pretty much put it this way, if you don't want your family being treated that way, yourself being treated that way, your friends treated that way and anyone you care about, why do it to something else that cant fight back? To tell the truth if animals cant even eat it or use it without them dying, should humans?

  • I vote we test on these scientists instead.

    Seriously, I think the world is seriously in need of some karma. And I don't want to hear any of this tired nonsense on 'testing on humans would be far worse!' No, you're absolutely wrong. I would prefer a world that we test on criminals guilty of horrific crimes (Mass murderers that have been caught red handed, for example) and other such undesirable groups. That way we punish those that deserve to be and make use of them for the better of society. I don't care if this is a violation to human rights. I am absolutely sick of these notions of human rights for people that simply don't deserve such liberties. News flash: Not everyone in the world is a good person, and there is no way that these people deserve to have it any better than a ton of rats simply because those rats were unfortunate enough not to be a human.

    I don't want a world where we test on animals, I want a world where we test on stupid, selfish people like Sarah Palin who murdered dozens of wolves, stupid nitwits like Michelle Bachmann, and those crooks who steal millions of dollars from us and get out of jail within just a month.

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