Just like humans, animals and insects can be evil as well. Every living thing-aside from plants- are inherently evil. Though some may argue that animals aren't rational, they still commit acts of evil. In conclusion, animals can be evil, as can humans, but that doesn't mean that they will act evil.

  • Animals Can Be Evil When Rabid Or By Breeding.

    Pit Bulls have been documented as attacking innocent victims just for the fun of it. A raccoon infected with rabies can attack with little or no provocation. Also, pythons have been known to eat human babies which absolutely proves evil. Also, there was a documented case with a video on YouTube that shows an eagle swooping down and grabbing a baby playing in the park in order to destroy and eat it. Animals can be evil if given the chance.

  • Humans are animals too, and they can be evil.

    Yes they can be. Human's are part of animal kingdom and look how evil people can be. Unless you have spent all your life locked away in happy land and have never been outside or watched the news, you would be aware of that. Besides look at the cats face, if that is not evil then I don't know what is.

  • Of course they can

    Its more then likely that animals are indeed evil. Birds only sh*t on the shiniest of cars, dogs will wake you up at 3AM and then do nothing when you let them outside, cats are by default evil, spiders act evil and look evil, the list goes on and on. Animals are more then capable of being evil though, and you can conclude that just from watching what they do.

    (Half of this was trolling and sarcasm, dont take it too seriously)

  • Evil is a

    Human definition for something. Does the animal actually intend to be evil? Probably not. An animal can only do what it feels it needs to for personal survival, or for the benefit of it's family. But a human can say that a lion attacking and eating a human is evil and is murder, while the lion just thinks it is hunting.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Animals are evil

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  • Animals are evil

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  • Animals are evil

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  • Animals are evil

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  • Animals are evil

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  • No, animals do not have souls

    Animals do not possess morals. They are definitely aware in certain situations that they have done something wrong, but I do not believe it is because they are evil. Most animals who are vicious are trained to think that is good behavior. In order to be evil one must consciously go against what they know to be morally right.

  • Think of it this way

    Do you really think god would create anything evil? I mean that'd just dumb. Animals can not be evil because they have not traits of being bad. And all you people who think they are need to learn the facts, just cause an animal may look evil doesn't mean it is.

  • Instinct and survival

    How can we apply an abstract concept such as "being evil" to creatures who just do what their stomach and gonads tell them? Animals are not evil and can't be evil, but they can be aggressive about the preservation of their genes. Only human beings uses an abstract concept such as "good" and "evil" that has no true dividing line, since what could be bad for somebody is good for somebody else, so we are the only creatures in this world that cries for their sins from a corner of their mouth while the other praises violence to obtain a goal. In a way we are not so different from animals, we simply thought up a way to make those who used their instincts feel bad about themselves and sometimes it doesn't even work.

  • Deliberately hurt another

    Animals don't understand the concept of "evil" and "sadism" therefore they can't be evil. When you give a baby a hamster and the baby kills the hamster while playing with it, does it make the baby "evil"? No. Because the baby does not understand the concept of evil and doesn't understand that killing the hamster is "wrong". When an adult human kills the hamster at the other hand, it is an act of evil unless it's done by accident. Evil is a human concept because humans are the only ones capable of possessing feelings like sadism and understanding the concept of committing evil.

  • It's Just Nature

    Animals cannot be evil. I believe they have souls and a minimal reasoning capabilities. They act only on instinct. When an animal attacks another animal or human, it is because they were trained to do so, provoked (fear is provocation), ill, or it is just the natural course of things. A fox in the hen house is not evil, it's hungry. Of course it could hunt elsewhere, but it's a matter of convenience. They know there's food in that henhouse. Just like a human could know they have chicken in the fridge, but stops at a fast food chain instead. A rabid raccoon that attacks is too ill to responsible for it's actions. A bipolar person in a rage is not evil, just sick.

  • I just love that picture of the cat

    If we are to make the claim that animals are evil, where evil is a judgement of moral evaluation, we must first presuppose that animals are morally evaluable. In order for a being to be morally evaluable, that being must have the capacity to recognize right from wrong. Because animals cannot evaluate right from wrong, they cannot be evaluated on any moral basis -which is to say at once they are neither moral agents nor can anything they do be described as good or evil.

    Posted by: YYW
  • Animals are not moral agents.

    Animals are not rational (at least not of the same kind humans are), so they c an't recognize and abide by a moral code. Humans also recognize this because we hold humans accountable for their actions and not animals. We can only train them in the hopes that they don't attack anyone. If you punish a human, they can understand that they did wrong and can work to correct their behavior. If you punish an animal, all they know is that you'll punish them again if they do that, so they shouldn't do it again.

  • Morality doesn't apply to animals

    I don't think anybody can be evil unless there are objective rules of right and wrong. But animals don't seem to be the subject of moral rules. Cats don't have moral obligations. So they can't be evil. They can be mean, of course, but being mean is not the same thing as being evil.

  • No, not unless they have free will.

    To be judged evil is a moral category that implies a being has the ability to choose between right and wrong and chooses to do wrong. We generally don't think of animals as having the mental capacity to make such choices and tend to think they run on instinct. If you believe in God, then you believe that animals were made to be as they are, and are not able to change their essential nature, so unless God made them to be evil they are not.

  • No, animals have Instinct, not Intention

    While animals, through training, can understand the difference between good behavior and bad behavior, they are not capable of evil. Evil assumes the intention to cause harm for harm's sake which is unique to humans. Animals, on the other hand, just act. A mountain lion does not attack a jogger because she is evil. She attacks the jogger because her prey drive indicates the jogger is food needing to be killed and consumed. While there is an intent to harm, it is not for the reason of simply just causing hurt. It is only instinct in action.

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Anonymous says2013-03-09T20:23:55.683
every living thing kills or is killed alive or after the death- that is the Life`s essence that is the Darwin`s evolution.Life and Death are the sides of the coin that rolls by the Evolution road toward the humans and further.... Suffering and happeness are on this coin too.
TheUntrueFantasy says2013-11-04T21:05:07.377
Well first of all. There is no free will. Animals have no free will and humans have no free will. Which means that the only reason that animals/humans are the way they are , is because of their environment/genes. There are harmful animals that have evolved to attack and are dangerous and we should be cautious around those animals. Some people are dangerous and we should keep them away from the public so they won't harm other people. Actually... Thinking of anything as Evil is stupid. When people act in a harmful manner, we should try to understand what environmental influences made him/her become this way, so we can prevent other people from becoming like him/her and we should try to see if the problem is in his/her genes so we can fix that gene problem. Labeling something as evil indicates that this animal/human has free will and it chooses to do harmful acts because it's evil. Free will has been scientifically disproved so the whole concept of evil has become absurd.