• Yes, animals can be used for research.

    Testing on animals has been a large reason for many of the scientific advances in the last century. Removing the ability to test on them would severely slow down the ability to test and learn about new potential advancements. Testing on many things is already not allowed, and removing the ability to test on other animals would be catastrophic.

  • Yes, animals could be analyzed for information

    I do not agree that animals should be used for experimentation like chemical testing or cloning, but it is possible to use animals for research. I believe there are people who study dinosaur bones, for example, that reveal a lot of information about how the earth was and how long ago things might have happened when those animals were alive.

  • Yes they can.

    Animals can be used for research and normally are. They are used for research so we can better understand other species, be able to come up with cures and shampoos and other great things for other animals and our selves, and can be used to help understand evolution and where it is going.

  • Since they are, the answer is yes.

    Although animals aren't exactly giving their consent for research, they certainly are being used for those purposes. So the idea of "can" is sort of moot, really. Animals are being used because sometimes computer simulations or other simulations just are not enough for testing, and it may be too dangerous at first for humans.

  • Depends on what it is

    As long as the research will not harm the animal or put it into psychologically bad positions, then research should be allowed. Now, research where animals are confined, do not have access to others of their species, and are being harmed should not be allowed. You just have to be careful.

  • Yes, they can help us learn.

    Yes, animals can be used for research because they can help us learn. Researching about and with animals can help us understand the animals, ourselves, and the environment we live in. It is true that some of the animals will likely experience pain, but that is tolerable because in the long run, less people an animals will suffer because of the research.

  • Most animals used in testing don't have the same mental capacity as humans to even understand what is going on.

    Many medical and scientific breakthroughs have been the result of some sort of animal testing. Mice and other rodents, although do have a pain threshold, don't understand what is going on, and often can't process it in time before the worst is over. Without the help of animals and animal testing, we wouldn't be where we are today because we would be forced to test products on humans - and the uproar for that would be a hundred times worse than that of animal testing.

  • Animals can be used for research if the methods are ethical

    Animals have been used for centuries to test things. Why should we all of a sudden stop because some researchers are being inhumane. Animal testing is fine as long as the animal can't feel any pain or suffering. There is only a very small percentage of researchers who mistreat animals. Besides, many scientific breakthroughs have been the result of animal testing.

  • Using animals is inhumane

    As amazing as technology has gotten over the past few years there is no real reason as to why we have to use animals for research. Many people would willingly allow doctors and scientist to use their bodies for research, especially if there was a cash incentive. Using animals is not only inhumane but can also give false results because animals and humans are not 100% identical.

  • Animals being used for research is wrong.

    Would you like to be strapped down on your stomach naked, with your face being shoved into a stainless steal table? And then someone cut off your fat while you are 100% completely awake. Those are just some things that have been seen being done to animals. And btw, that was being done to a dog. Imagine if someone did that to your Max, or Rover or Fido? Animal testing is 100% wrong. There is no benefit to it. Animals have very different DNA than humans so they make terrible test subjects. To see some proof on this and to see some of the aftermath of damage done to helpless animals by humans go here: http://www.Pinterest.Com/linavizcaino/vegitarian-animal-welfare/

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