• The measures get in our way

    If I steal someone's book the old-fashioned way, I have the book, and the original owner no longer does. I am better off, but she is worse off. When people use pirated books, the publisher and the author often are worse off - they lose earnings from selling the book.

  • Definitely cant ruin

    I think they cant ruin because hackers are verry skilled. Maybe games like Fifa or others could sometimes ruin the gaming experience but only for online play. Other games gets released on torrent as soon as they are released for sale. Some gets released even before they are ready for sale, so funny :)

  • With less piracy and higher profits, the game industry can invest more and improve gaming experience

    I think anti-piracy measures can actually enhance the gaming experience. If companies can make more money off selling games, they will be able to invest in better graphics and technology to make even better games. Piracy can largely hurt the industry's profits, which means that they will be less able and willing to make investments.

  • Games should be protected like everything else.

    I don't see how blocking the sale or use of copied games will ruin anything. In my experience, original games work better. If you want to play you should pay. A lot of money goes into developing games. The developers deserve to be paid by the sale of their games.

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