Can any Democratic nominee (still in the race) beat Donald Trump?

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  • Yeah but its all rigged.

    Bill Clinton won and Hillary sabotaged Bernie. And Trump is related to the Clintons by blood. Only the elites families win and become president. A lot of them are descendants of kings and royalty.
    The Iowa machines "stopped" working and cause candidates to drop out. Its all a show to make Americans believe that their votes matter. Only the electoral college matters and they made it so with a little tampering they can choose who wins.
    Trump will win and he will sign whatever law his masters make him. And he will probably toss a bone to the white evangelicals like with abortion. To give the illusion of being for the people.

  • The Democratic Candidates Are Too Weak

    As of March 11, 2020, The only major Democrats are Bernie Sanders, (Current US Senator, I-Vermont), Joe Biden (Former US Vice President under Barack Obama), And Tulsi Gabbard (Current US Representative, D-Hawaii). It seems clear that none of them have enough support to defeat Trump. For this opinion, I will talk about Gabbard as if she dropped out since she only has two delegates and has virtually no chance of becoming the Democratic nominee. There used to be many Democrats in the race for the nomination. There were women (Elizabeth Warren), Black candidates (Cory Booker), Gay candidates (Pete Buttigieg), And young candidates (Buttigieg). Now there are two white men who are both older than Trump. Sanders describes himself as a socialist. Many moderate voters would rather vote for Trump, Or not vote at all, Than vote for someone who believes in socialism. If Biden won the nomination, Which it now seems like he will, He will still be unpopular. Biden is known for his gaffes, Some of which sounded racist (e. G. "poor kids are just as bright as white kids"), And he is gaining negative popularity for that. I've also watched video clips of Biden calling voters "liars, " and even became briefly famous a few days ago when he used profanity at a Detroit voter. This is being while Trump has extremely high approval ratings among Republicans, At over 90%, And it seems like most of the Republican voters will vote for him in 2020. It also seems clear that the Democrats don't believe that they will win 2020, No matter which candidate they nominate. Maybe they felt that younger candidates in Buttigieg (who at one time was second in delegates) or Amy Klobuchar would be the best candidates for the party, And that they most likely wouldn't be able to run again if they won the nomination but lost the general election. Due to this, The Democrats are picking Biden as the candidate to lose, Since he will be too old to run (not by law, But he probably wouldn't be interested) by 2024.

  • To much arguing

    With all of the democrats arguing with each other, The chances of beating the president are very small. He has followed through with his agenda with the economy, Foreign policy, Immigration, Security, And other things. The democrats have wasted millions on trying to impeach him and they new very well that the senate was not going to approve removal. They want to raise taxes, Expand programs, Open boarders as well as decreasing our military. Our president is doing a fine job and yes at times he says some disrespectful comments but the democrats to it to. Unfortunately those behaviors have become the common type of comments in our society these days.

  • Some are too extreme/bad rep

    People like Bernie Sanders have a bad reputation, Labeled as "communist" or "socialist" so he would not gain the moderate vote. Voters are not well-informed, So they wouldn't know that it isn't the truth. Others, Like Pete Buttigieg, Would have a good chance, As he hasn't developed a reputation like that, Which would repel moderates.

  • The Democratic Party is split between Moderates/Centrists and Far-Left ( socialists, Anarchists, Ect).

    The Democratic Party has been dealing with internal fighting between the Moderates and the Radicals that started in the last election and has exploded in this one. We saw in 2016 many radical voters who wanted Bernie vote for Trump because they agreed with a lot of his economic policies and Trump agreed that the Democratic party screwed Bernie. This very well could repeat again in 2020 if Bernie loses again. If Bernie wins the Democratic nominee in 2020 we could see a significant amount of Moderate democrat voters to vote for Trump. The reason is because many may agree more with his policies on guns and the borders than Bernie. Also just to weaken the Radical side of the Party could also be a motivation. To sum it up all Trump really needs to do to win is exploit the split in the Democrats and divide them.

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