• We all did right?

    To be a good debater is to state your opinion and give a reason for it and I now for a fact that anyone can do that. For many example Abraham Linking started out ass a simple child and became a president of the U.S.A. Because he was a good debater, and my own ancestor sir Robert Borden became the 8th prim minister of Canada from a simple Newfii kid. If there not valid examples of this then I'm not very good at being a.S.D. Now am I.

  • Of course. Its simple.

    Anyone can be a good debater. If you know what you're talking about then it is easy to debate about your topic. As long as you do your research (to whatever extent is necessary) then it will be easy to debate and discuss your topic. On the other side, if you don't know what you're talking about then it will be very hard to debate and you will just seem dumb.

  • Yes anyone could be a good debater

    If you are trying to be a good debater you have to know what you are talking about first. Okay, say I'm debating about " Is junk food good for you or not." You need to have supporting facts about why its good or why its not good. To cut this short you have to be confiedent, and you have to keep the subject going and until the other component thinks that you have won, or they don't have much to say then your in luck. I'm not really that good in explaining this but I'm pretty sure someone else could.

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  • Debate is eloquence, a control of words to convince. It's not an esoteric skill, anyone can tap into it.

    I've won many a debate simply by being the most confident person in the room. Anyone confident and knowledgeable on a certain topic can win a debate.

    If I debated my friends about football, ID lose hands down, but if we debated about "The United States Federal Government should substantially curtail it's domestic surveillance " then I'd have the upper hand.

    It's less a matter of skill than it is, how can you tell people that what you're saying makes sense. If you truly believe in something, then every claim you make will make sense to you, and the idea of a debate is to prove that your ideas make the most sense, which, anyone can do with enough knowledge on the subject.

  • Can improve with time (state what's "good")

    Anyone can debate because everyone has the ability to process information and regurgitate the relevant points. Although it may take some people longer than others. But the "good" part of the statement is only relative to others so it depends how quick you are and your friends are to state what is good or not. My final point is that the speed of processing information depends on practice so if some is focused on being a "good debater" then with practice and research they can to any level with time.

  • Debate is open to anyone

    Anyone can debate. A debate is merely deliberation. The content doesn't matter, the person's background doesn't matter, all that matters is that there are two sides to a conflict. Now, granted, when most people think "debate", they think of a formal meeting where people deliberate matters such as politics or public policy. However, in its purest form, a debate is merely deliberation between two sides.

    In order to be a good debater, you have to practice debate. If you deliberate on issues repeatedly throughout your life, you are gaining practice. You don't have to go to tournaments or log onto websites in order to practice, in order to become good. All you have to do is deliberate on an issue. Thus, anyone can be a good debater.

  • Too many dummies

    There are simply too many dummies out there. If you a dummy, d'en you a sucky Debater. Not everyone can be a good Debater because they simply too stoopid. Stoopid people can't make good arguments. Especially when they can't spell. If you wanna be a good debater, then go to school and think for yoself, instead of being spoon-fed, ya dummy.

  • No they cannot.

    Not everyone can be a "good debater". I think debating should be left to the people who know what they are talking about. When debating, you need to know exactly what you're talking about. If you don't then you're just simply complaining. There is a difference between whining about something you don't like than actually defending what you support and why you support it.

  • Disagreement does not equal debate.

    Anyone can disagree with another person or have an opinion, but not everybody has the mental capacity to actually refute what another person has said. To be good at arguing, you have to be able to show that your refutations hold a bigger impact, and not everybody has the potential to be good at that.

  • Some people are too opinionated.

    Some people are too opinionated to think that any other side but the one they are on is correct. This blinds that individual from thinking clearly and coming up with a good defence. While some may say this blindness is simply passion for their topic, a true debater is able to convene their appropriate audience that the side they are assigned to is correct. A too opinionated person is unable to even see half of the debate to come up with a relevant defense, although the offence may be adequate.

  • Anyone just simply can't be a debater by thinking

    A debate is a formal discussion or argument between two persons or two groups. A debate needs to be organized very carefully. When anyone wants to become a good debater he should have the following points clear.
    1. He/she should have a good general and political knowledge.
    2. He/she should have good vocabulary and good speaking skills.
    3. He/she should be very fluent in English.
    4. He/she should have very innovative and creative way of expressing and putting forth opinions and views.

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