• Literally anything can be funny if presented the right way

    Us Brits like our comedy. Internet dwellers also like their comedy. Anything-no matter what it may be- can be presented in a funny way. In fact, that's how British people handle tragedy: through humour. Guaranteed, not all Brits do this, but the internet is another place where literally anything and everything is up for slaughter. Terrorism, war, 9/11, mass shootings, Grenfell- you name it, we've poked fun at it. Because laughter is truly the best medicine, and tragedy is one hell of an ailment. The doctor is in, and he has prescribed memes.

  • Comedy is subjective, but it is our own choice how we handle and perceive it.

    Meaning, we all have sensitivities and perceptions of and to comedy, but we choose how much it bothers us. If I make a 9/11 joke- although it would be incredibly insensitive most likely- someone will laugh, while some won't. The one laughing may see it as funny because it's stress-relieving to them. The one not laughing may, of course, see it as offensive to them. In essence, comedy isn't a matter of can anything be funny, it is more so a matter of if people will find it funny. Thus, anything CAN be funny- It all depends on the audience.

    Thanks everyone, feel free to message or challenge me- all who oppose. Otherwise, please have a good week!

  • Tragedy Is Hardship And Heartbreak. Comedy makes us feel better about the world we live in.

    Adding Comedy to the mix of tragedy makes us feel better about the world we live in. Comedy is the foundation to making people feel better and laugh about events and facts of the world. So comedy adding to tragedy makes people feel better about their own tragedies and heartbreak. So to summarize it yes anything can be funny.

  • I choose no because.......

    ....... Grief is important. If something traumatic happens to someone it is important that they accept that this has happened and the best way to do it would be to cry and get upset. It is also important to have standards. These standards could be not laughing, or supporting racism and suicide jokes.

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