Can anything establish peace in this world? If so, what?

Asked by: MajorAbdul
  • A common goal

    In order to achieve peace the world would need something to work to a common purpose . The main reason of conflict is that everyone has a different agenda . If we learned a common goal ( survival of the human race being the best one ) we would surely be very prosperous even on a galactic scale . Now by survival of the human race I mean humans are not invincible we can die very easily and if we do not take this seriously we will die . With this mindset ( others could work too) we would unite so quickly . The main problem is how good at surviving we are we have been very ignorant to mortality our whole lives and that is the problem . Instead of fighting for the survival of humanity we began to fight for the demise of humanity

  • Prosperity and Harmony

    Peace can only be established by prosperity. If we want peace in this World than we have to believe in our selves. We should have faith in our selves and in the betterment of our country. There should be proper laws against violence. Everyone should have his own rights. No guns should be allowed in public. If we want to establish Peace than we have to work together as one and that's the only way we can reach our full potential.

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