• Art is the bomb

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  • Constructive ideas (not wars) mark the forward progress of mankind.

    Art can change the world. Art is a communication that is more powerful and more real to any human being than any gun or war. It changes people's opinions, style, ideas, and even sometimes people's way of living. We should concentrate on art and peace, not hate and war. The day we can truly trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.

  • Art will make a change

    If you took time studying art, you will understand what it means. It will change everything just by studying art. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) =).

  • Yes art can change the world

    Yes art can change the world. Art can change the by persuading people to do better things or how things people do affect the world which might make a lot of people change their mind or their actions. Art is everywhere and i have seen it change things or people.

  • Yes art can change the world.

    Art comes in many forms whether it be painting, singing and dancing. It may not change the world from one day to another but if one person can see the beauty behind someone expressing themselves with their own definition of art it can really change a person to see the world differently and feel the warmth and happiness of it all.

  • MEssage used in pictures

    Most art pieces can create an affect into peoples state of mind and feelings. Therefore inspiring masterpieces can change peoples opinion and point of view. A picture can describe a million words. Specially detailed works make a difference into influencing people. That's my opinion on this situation and everyone can have a different opinions.

  • Art Can Change the World

    I feel like art can make a huge impact on this world. People don't realize that the words they can't speak are words they can make into art. There are many forms of art, so even if a person can't draw, they can write, they can perform, they can make posters to speak up. Many forms of art can change the world.

  • Art can be seen and heard thus making a change

    I personally believe that art speaks to the soul, that being said art is a gateway to realization and hope. Art opens peoples eyes to the dysfunction in our society such as Banksys graffiti artwork. Through art work you can communicate empathy and create change. You just have to find a way to speak to peoples minds, souls, and hearts.

  • Art is everywhere you go.

    I believe that art has already changed the world! If you look all around us, everything is basically made out of art. Cooking, dressing up, putting on make-up is all art. Building sky scrapers and drilling a hole into the ground is art. Art is what changed the world. Billions of years ago, there wasn't no art. It was all natural art. We have built the world we live in today using variety of classes of art.

  • Art is everywhere.

    I feel like art is everywhere in the world. It can happen anywhere and anytime. It helps people think and be creative. The world can change by art because a lot of people enjoy doing things that are creative. If we don't have art, how can people know what to do? Art makes the world better than it is because of the colors and nature of how the world could be. Pawel Kuczynski paintings have stand out to me because of how he have influenced how the world is now and future could be.

  • Ultimately no, it can't

    While there are some pieces of art so thought provoking they can get a global discussion going, almost all of them fade quickly and even those that are remembered don't really change anything. There's no piece of art that is going to make North Korea go "wow, we're being really stupid" and drop their isolationist garbage, there's no piece of art that is going to make Israelis and Palestinians decide they're buddies.

  • I guess it could

    If everyone was impacted by art and took time to think about it . The world would already be different if it was so, The fact that not everyone make an effort to try and understand art is why it can't change the world eventhough it can have a huge power on people that think about what it means and what it could do , at least not in these days

  • Art is not good

    Art is bad so can't change the world. Ooo a painting who cares doesn't make me feel different or anyone they all lie. The only thing a painting does is waste peoples time making them look at it. Nobody really knows what all them splatters mean they just pretend they do to make them look smart. Happy holidays

  • Art is not good

    Art is bad so can't change the world. Ooo a painting who cares doesn't make me feel different or anyone they all lie. The only thing a painting does is waste peoples time making them look at it. Nobody really knows what all them splatters mean they just pretend they do to make them look smart. Happy holidays

  • Art can change opinions, not the world; not everything is affected by art.

    Art can convince or teach people how to change their own world and their individual lives, but it cannot change the world because as everyone has a unique opinion, not everyone would want to follow the artist’s intention. Art can change other people’s perspectives, but does not have the power to change the world and everything in it.

    Art only has the potential to change a specific demographic who actually know of the art, and art is not common knowledge. Even if a large amount of people did know about it, the world’s fluctuating population cannot all be aware of this and be affected by it at the same time.

  • Not the world, not today...

    If only art was really imitaded by life and not viceversa, then people would probably be much more conscient of themselves and of their actions. Therefore educated people with enougth power would be sensitive enough to change the world for the better.
    However, ask yourself: is today art solid and known enought to make politicians change their mind on maing wars, stop criminality in the streets, to fight global worming...? Would art be able today, even in an ideological framework, to make masses reflect and maybe act? Unfortunatly I don't think so.

  • Art and its impact on religion and architecture

    Art has changed the world in many ways. That is if you think of art as more than just a painting or a sculpture or what you would normally identify as art. The website being used now is a form of art, someone has created this website out of code (the paint of the computer), they had a vision of what the website would look like and they created it out of there vision. The building you are in has been designed (created) by someone with a vision. Many pieces of art have been used as evidence for religious beliefs the main example of this is the bible, it is a story of a man sent from god to rid the world of sin, the fact that it is a story and not a documentation means that it is art. Many religious paintings also change the way people view there religion. Religion has created many wars and problems and considering art has a very big part in religion I would say art has changed the world significantly.

  • Art is nice but not world changing.

    Art can be beautiful and eye opening. It can change the whole world for one person. Art can be the best part of someones day but art will not change the whole world. For us who are safe in our home, away from wars and hurricanes art is a wonderful addition to life but is it really something that physically changes the world? People tend to confuse art with education, education will change the world and open peoples reality. Art will enlighten peoples world and will perhaps in some cases be an eye opening experience but it will not truly change the world and the way that things are being done.

  • No art can't change the world

    People don't see what happens to the world we can't change anything all people care is what they want what they needed.We have art for so many long long time by now.If we can change the world by art the world will be in price now by day people have hate all they do is hate .

  • Yes it can

    Yes it can because who is to say what is art and what is not art art in not confined to paint pencil and paper our most iconic influential people are artist Micheal Jackson spoke to a generation spoke to an nation a world and he was an artist the list goes on and on

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