• Yes they can.

    Back when I was 11, I remember reading the sweetner packet (I love to read) and it said that artificial sweetners caused cancer in lab rats. Try stevia instead. It is moderately safe, extremly 100% natural, and a Hell of a lot safer than refined sugar and other stuff. Word.

  • Did cancer exist before aspartame? Duh! Duh!!! Duh!!!!

    Studies on cancer speak of links and triggers NOT causes.
    If you do not know how studies are conducted, go back to school.

    What is a pap smear? It is a check for Human Papilloma Virus - a contagious virus that is more commonly known as a WART! Are warty fingers put up inside of women? Yes. Yes they are. Are you, and many others, too stupid to think about what warts do when you can't see them? Yes. Yes you are.
    Are doctors stupid enough to keep saying that warts "resolve" meaning that "they go away" (meaning that the immune system killed the virus ) when CLEARLY many warts do NOT go away? Yes. Yes they are.

  • There is no evidence of this in regular consumable amounts.

    Laboratory tests on rats are not a good analogue for humans, as rats are particularly prone to cancer. That is precisely why they are used in preliminary lab testing, but stringent and clinical tests are supposed to follow- but the media doesn't particularly care when reporting on that and most Americans are not scientifically literate enough to know the difference.

    We live in a nation of folks who have been fooled into thinking "natural" is better or healthier, when in fact the term means nothing. Hemlock is natural folks, and I don't think you'd want to down that with breakfast every morning. Further, "organic" foods are poorly regulated, show no health benefits over conventional, and unlike popular thought DO use pesticides- many of which we stopped using and made synthetics for in the first place because they were carcinogenic. The FDA found that even in the so-called "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables (those most susceptible to pesticide residue) the difference between organic and standard is so negligible as to be dismissed. The only legitimate concern right now is whether preemptive dosing of animals for meat with antibiotics is assisting antibiotic resistance. However, the fact that the average American now doses themselves head to foot in "antibacterial" products has far more effect than your chicken breasts, and no one bothers to consider not using Purell or antibacterial dish soap (which also contaminates our water with Triclosan, making the problem worse).

    The "organic" and "natural" companies perpetuate these myths (along with completely fabricated hysterics on GMOs, which most people don't even have the faintest clue what it means) for one reason- they can sell their products at a premium price.

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