• Yes, I think asthma can progress into bronchitis or emphysema if untreated.

    I think any time an individual ignores a medical condition then that condition will eventually progress into a more severe disease, I believe ashtma effects a wide range of the areas in the lung region and I think it's crucial to be actively treating it or it can indeed progress into bronchitis or emphysema.

  • No It Can't

    I do not believe asthma, if untreated, can progress into bronchitis or emphysema. Bronchitis and emphysema have more underlying causes than asthma does and asthma is not a precursor or sign that these problems will come up. Asthma may effect a child and go away as they reach adult hood or it can continue through life, but it does not mutate into other problems.

  • No, asthma cannot turn to bronchitis or emphysema.

    I do not believe that asthma, especially if untreated, can progress into bronchitis or emphysema. I think that it is a medical condition that can be seriously dangerous for people who have it. But it is not something that will turn into a disease when left untreated like emphysema and bronchitis.

  • No, you become prone to these.

    I do not believe untreated asthma will progress into bronchitis or emphysema. Asthma in itself remains asthma. If you have asthma, you will be prone to coming down with bronchitis more often than other people, you may eventually develop emphysema. But the asthma itself does not become either of these. It just makes you more susceptible.

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