• Most Atheists are equanimous, only a very small proportion are Judgmental and Frustrated by Theism:

    I'm the only person in a group of 54 who bother with Theism, the rest simply and calmly enjoy their lives, family and friends. I'm the only one who sees the dangers of Fundamentalist Theism, so it is Knowledge of History and Theology that has me a little (only a little) aggressive towards some parts of Theism, though not all.
    I attack the stupidity of Creationism and extreme Fundamentalism, but moderate Theism or personal belief in a God, I have absolutely no argument with, as I support and even defend their right to believe in a personal deity.
    I only attack when they try to proselytize others or indoctrinate children.
    It's only organized religion (Truly a Money Making Concern), Childhood Indoctrination and Creationism that are in my sites.
    I've no concern for any other aspects of religion.

  • Why Wouldn't They Be

    Equanimity simply means calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. An atheist, on the other hand, is someone who lacks the belief of a God or gods, or possibly outright disbelieves. I don't have any reason to believe that there are atheists out there who are incapable of handling pressure or problems, calmly.

  • Yes, some of them change their minds.

    Yes, atheists can be equanimous, because they are each only set in their belief systems to a certain extent. Some atheists change their minds later in life and decide to adopt a faith. If they were not open minded at least to some extent, none of them would convert. A person might not believe in God at a given time, but that does not mean they are not open to the idea.

  • Atheists Lack Dogmatic Agenda

    A pure atheist who doesn't believe in a supreme deity can be equanimous because that person doesn't have a dogmatic agenda to further for his or her own gain. An atheist can simply back up any assertions with facts or rational statements. The only way I can see an atheist getting worked up is if someone personally insults the person.

  • No one can be completely equanimous.

    No, atheists cannot be equanimous, because being equanimous is not something that is tied to religion, and no person is truly equanimous. All people are affected by the environment around them. No one can claim that their environment does not shape their views or affect them in some way. This is true for atheists.

  • Atheists can not be equanimous.

    Atheists can not be equanimous. The definition of atheism are in a firm position of judgment whereas a state of equanimity is unconditional acceptance of life around oneself, and thus, no judgment. So the fact of the matter is that they seem to be two separate issues and belief systems trying to merge them just does not work.

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