Can Atheists celebrate Christmas as a non-religious holiday?

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  • It Isn't All About Jesus Anymore.

    Christmas was originally a holiday focusing on the birth of Jesus but over the years it has converted to a holiday focusing more on the advertisements and publicity on the concept of giving and doing good. This has also just become an international holiday overall. Atheists can most definitely celebrate Christmas as a non-religious holiday. It isn't required to celebrate Jesus but rather the gift of family and the joyous spirit etc. Christmas many years ago was probably celebrated mostly as a Christian holiday, but over the years it has become a much more national (and even international) holiday that people do for fun and isn't necessarily a religious holiday. Kind of like how Easter is not going to be celebrated as the birth of Jesus for everyone. Some people will just go egg hunting and blame it on a human sized bunny.

  • I am an atheist

    So I am going to peek my head in this debate and just say a few things. First of all... All of you people who think that all atheists do is just sit around and be depressed because we can't "find god." Atheists celebrate Christmas because they have family and Christmas isn't about the fact that it is "Christ's birthday", it's about spending time with your family and exchanging gifts. Do you know how bad some people fell for us?Can't we just live our own lives and not have to deal with all of those religionists?

  • Most religious people do it anyway.

    We celebrate christmas for the sake of awesome cookie food & free stuff. Just like everybody else. In fact, christmas wasn't even Jesus's original birthday, it was changed to fit the pagan holiday. So anybody celebrating christmas religiously is ignorant or a liar. Look, times change. Sure, some people have some religious stuff, but only crazy people go all out. Christmas is about gift-giving, not celebrating a god.

  • Yes, as a cultural event

    A large proportion of national holidays have roots in both Christianity and forms of paganism but have evolved within a more secular society to have other meanings outside of these religions. For example, at least in England, very few people would profess to knowing the original meaning behind Halloween yet most people still celebrate it in some form or another. Another example, Shrove tuesday is almost universally celebrated without the fasting of lent that the day was originally connected to. As for the idea that you must acknowledge the roots of a festival to celebrate it I suppose that believers in the Christian god also pay due respect to the Roman pagan holiday of Saturnalia, a festival that often involved human sacrifice, that was sanctioned by the Christian church and amalgamated with the celebration of the birth of Jesus in order to encourage pagans to convert?

  • Christmas is more than a religious holiday.

    Although the foundation of Christmas may have been set in the idea that it commemorates the birth of Christ, it no longer means that for many people - including some Christians. Of course religious people will acknowledge it as a religious holiday and celebrate it for that reason, that is only a small part of "Christmas". Christmas isn't about the gifts or the parties, or even the "Reason for the season". Christmas can be looked at in a similar light as Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn't really "celebrate the first friendly feast between Native Americans and 'pilgrims' (who were actually the Puritans)". Thanksgiving is now celebrated as a time to spend with your family and friends and gather in good spirits to celebrate the good things in your life. That is exactly what Christmas is. Personally, I am an atheist, but my family is entirely made up of Christians. They don't go to a Christmas mass or anything special for the holidays, because today it's more about culture. Christmas has become family-oriented, not Christ-oriented.

  • They can, because they do.

    Of course atheists can celebrate christmas, anyone can celebrate christmas. I am an atheist and I have been celebrating christmas for years, and not once have I had a visit from the christmas police.
    Christians are free to dislike my christmas celebrations for whatever reason they choose to believe, but it will not stop me celebrating christmas, it is fun.

  • They can, because they do.

    Of course atheists can celebrate christmas, anyone can celebrate christmas. I am an atheist and I have been celebrating christmas for years, and not once have I had a visit from the christmas police.
    Christians are free to dislike my christmas celebrations for whatever reason they choose to believe, but it will not stop me celebrating christmas, it is fun.

  • Because it their life.

    So lots of people celebrate Christmas but some are atheist and they probably do it because their family does it. But they can celebrate Christmas because they are part of the world they can celebrate what they want to so just let them do it. Its their life they can do what they want to do religion or not.

  • Yes, of course.

    Just remember that Christmas as christian (so religious) origins, so it won't be totally atheistic. But, it is also to be remembered that Christmas was a lot commercialized, now has an important place in our consumerism society, and has lost a lot of its sanctity. But, yes it can totally be done

  • CHRISTmas is a CHRISTian holiday

    Christmas is all about how Jesus of Nazareth was born. Hence, Christmas is from the word Christ. Christians go to their temple and do what they are supposed to do and stuff. Atheists and other non-Christians that celebrate it are so hypocrites!!! They do not care about Jesus or anybody; just what they celebrate it as.

  • It Doesn't Work that way.

    Christmas is a religious holiday. It is the celebration of Christ's birth. Atheists are non-believers. If an atheist is celebrating Christmas, then they are a hypocrite. You cannot have it both ways. You either believe, or you don't. Taking advantage of a holiday, when you don't accept its beliefs, is just pitiful. Personally, I'm not Jewish. Therefore, I don't celebrate Jewish holidays. Yes, I know a little about Hanukah & Yom Kippur. One of my aunts, by marriage, was Jewish. So, I've learned a few things about those holidays. But I am not going to blatantly take advantage. Why? I'm not Jewish. You either believe, or you don't. If you choose to have no religious beliefs, that is your right. It is NOT a non-believer's right to trample all over any religious celebration ... Take advantage of it ... And move on. If you want respect as a non-believer, then you MUST respect the foundations of what believers hold dear to them. Christmas is a religious holiday. You can't make it into whatever to best suit your needs. You either believe, or you don't.

  • Nope! It Just Doesn't Work That Way!

    Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. In other words, its very foundation is religious. If you are an atheist, you are a non-believer. If you are an atheist & celebrating Christmas, you are a hypocrite. You simply cannot have it both ways. Personally, I'm not Jewish. Therefore, I do not celebrate Hanukah. I know a little about it. One of my aunts, by marriage, was Jewish. Still, I'm not taking advantage of any religion (pitiful) ... Pretending to be something that I'm not ... Just to celebrate a holiday. You either believe and practice a religion including its celebrations, or you don't.

  • They can celebrate Christmas but not ignore what it is

    There is so much cry of discrimination in our society. People are always complaining that their religious beliefs are being discriminated against yet we have a society that tries to celebrate Christmas without acknowledging what it is all about. That is discrimination against Christians. If Athiests want to join in the fun that is fine but don't push society to remove what it is all about.

  • If they change the name

    They shouldn't because Christmas was created by Christianity, yes pagans had similar holidays which could be stolen by christians, but in the end christians created Christmas. It is the birth of Jesus. The only way I could see someone celebrating Christmas in a non religous way is if they are an atheist and they have religious family or friends. Other than that they shouldnt

  • No, Christmas is literally named after Jesus.

    Christmas is a Christian holiday, made by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus. All the shit about presidents and Santa and shit actually started around the 1700s to make the holiday more homey and familial. The main point of the holiday Is to celebrate Jesus, not presents and creepy fat men breaking and entering.

  • Forced to comply

    When you have no family very few friends and no reason to be "festive" . Being forced to take time off work unpaid every year just to have to catch up early in the year is a joke. Choice to not believe in fairy tales.. Fact that your forced to...

  • Christmas is about jesus!

    You can just worry about the gifts and being nice, but the whole reason Christmas was started was to honor Jesus's birth. Atheists can use the holiday to just be good, but that's not what the holiday was made for. Why do you think they called it CHRISTmas, because of Jesus.

  • If you want to celebrate Christmas?

    If you hypocritically celebrate a religious birth of christ then why don't you just celebrate Hanukkah and Ramadan too? Or that stupid flying spagetti bullshit? Faith in nothing isnt something to celebrate. Otherwise it just another day. Thats why you shouldnt celebrate chtistmas. Or you could just stay at home like you usually do attacking somebodys faith online.

  • Christmas is a religious Holiday!

    Exchanging gifts, eating food, and decor are only "part" of the holiday. If you're celebrating Santa, or nothing at all then you're not celebrating Christmas, your celebrating something else.

    I like to call this the "get together", "Dinner party", "family reunion". Nobody said we couldn't "share" some traditions but you can't have Christmas without Christ, period. Nothing wrong with that, just don't call what you're celebrating "Christmas" and it's all good.

  • Do you celebrate other religious holidays?

    They don't celebrate Eid, because they are not Muslim. They don't celebrate Diwali because they are not Hindu. So why should they celebrate Christmas when they are not Christian?They take advantage of our Lord to have fun and get drunk. As a devout Christian, I will say it is not okay.

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JH2010 says2013-12-21T20:41:34.150
Why do christians think they have the right to tell everyone else what they should or should not celebrate and how they should do it? If they are celebrating "Christmas" as if it's Jesus' bday, then why do they celebrate it so much differently than they celebrate other bdays? Shouldn't there be a bday cake. Balloons, streamers, bday hats, and bday cards for the person who's bday it is? Why do they go around saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Jesus' birthday"? Do they spend the whole day singing "Happy Birthday"? Do they sing the song even ONCE throughout the entire day? How many christians actually know that Jesus (assuming he existed, as the names Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were very common names at that time) was technically sometime in the summer months and not on Dec. 25th. Nowhere in the bible does it say Dec. 25th - look for it, it's not there. I don't tell christians what tho think or believe, or how they should or shouldn't celebrate their version of that holiday. So i'd appreciate it if they didn't try to tell me how to think, what to believe, or how to celebrate anything I choose to celebrate.

My version of xmas is about celebrating and spending time with family and friends. It's about being kind, wishing for peace on earth, goodwill toward all, and giving to those who are less fortunate. The decorations are pretty and also have nothing to do with the religious aspects of the holiday - neither does Santa, the reindeer, the tree, or the tree decorations (unless you choose the religious ones). See? Easy to celebrate without the religious stuff.