• Been there, done that!

    I was in a relationship with a manipulative man...I was so eager to please and I wanted the best for him at all times, so I completely blinded myself from my own needs. It took an outsider to show me how controlling this man was and once I was aware of it and started to stand up for my own needs...He was scary. Luckily, I broke away.

  • Most likely, not all cases.

    Think about this.CYour a very kind person, maybe even too kind for your own good. Things start out small then start to escalate. You get asked a favor by an acquaintance, "sure why not". When they need another favor , they turn to you. Then someone else asks a normal favor. Your kind and helping people is a good and normal thing. But then, some will go too far. They would ask of absurd favors, or ask you to do something you wouldn't like and you would say yes because you're TOO kind. They would turn too you because they KNOW your really kind and some don't care and use that to their own advantage. This whole paragraph comes from Personal experience, and a bit of research. I can't cite my sources because this " research" is something I stumbled upon and looked into a little further that's it. I have been used by friends, and I knew it, but, I was too kind and still forgave them and they did it all again but I was kind again and just ignored it. Then it escalated quickly and people did things I really didn't like. I still forgave the,. So I decided I am no longer the me that just ignores everything and is too kind and I knew when to stand my ground. They were shocked but I got rid of the problem. Long story short, extreme kindness can lead to manipulation, IF you don't know how to stand your ground.

  • Yes being too nice is a problem

    If you are too nice it can lead to a lot of manipulation. If you say yes to everything someone asks for they will keep coming back to you for more and more. Sometimes you have to stand your ground so that you do not lose everything that you have in life.

  • Yes, It always does.

    Being nice is just part of most persons nature! But as time goes by and people notice your kindness, They being to manipulate that and use you because of your kindness. It may not be intentional... But since you've always been a nice person, You feel bad to say no. Thats when people step all over you and USE YOU. Therefore YES being too nice does lead to EASY manipulation.

  • Yes, being too nice can lead to easy manipulation.

    I know being nice doesnt make you a pushover, but it does make you easier to manipulate. People prey on your good heart and play the woe is me game. A nice person will take things a face value, and believe what they are being told It is so easy to manipulate a kind person.

  • To an extent.

    It's easier to get people who are too nice to do things for others, and they will bend over backwards to help you. But being too nice doesn't mean we don't have boundaries and don't know when we're being taken advantage of. You might get away with manipulating someone who's too nice for a little bit, but they'll put an end to it before too long. After all, there are other people who need them too, and considerate people's needs will trump manipulative people.

  • No, it can not.

    Being too nice does not mean you are manipulated easily. I would think manipulation is easier on a gullible person, or someone who is too afraid to stand up for themselves. A person who is overly nice does not mean they are a push over, just means they go above and beyond to be nice.

  • No, but it can lead to one believing it is easy to manipulate.

    Being nice can often lead to others thinking that the nice person is easily manipulated, but being nice in itself does not allow one to be manipulated. Usually people that are nice are free thinking and non discriminatory. This doesn't in any way mean that they are easily led into being manipulated.

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