• Yes, he can pull off his role.

    Actor Ben Affleck is talented enough to pull off his big role in the movie, "Live by Night." Affleck has the ability to do an incredible job in this thriller. He is supported by talented cast members and a good director. The movie should be a box office hit for Ben Affleck.

  • Ben Affleck is a good writer, producer and actor

    Although Ben Affleck does not get as much attention as many other stars in Hollywood, he is a solid talent. He has demonstrated numerous times that he works best when he is involved in writing, producing and starring in movies. Live by Night gives him that opportunity and he will do well.

  • He is a diverse actor.

    Ben Affleck has had the luxury of being able to choose what movies he wants to act in. For that reason, it often looks like he plays the same character over and over again. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't have diverse acting skills. He will do well in his challenging role.

  • I think Ben Affleck is performing out of his genre

    Ben Affleck has been performing outside of his genre lately. There were several movies where he fit the bill and assumed his character well but in recent years he has stepped out of his typical roles unsuccessfully. Some actors can remove themselves from genres and do quite well but I don't think Affleck is one of them.

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