• Carson will win over the establishment Republicans.

    Cruz will win in Texas, keeping him in the race. However, Kasich and Rubio both lose to Trump in their home states and either drop out or lose most of their support. Since Cruz is a non-establishment type, he will block Trump from gaining much more support, and Trump blocks Cruz for the same reason, but with Kasich and Rubio out of the way, Carson will rise in popularity and starts winning in the caucuses and primaries, and will gain even more support when he gets more talking time in the debates due to less candidates in the debates. All of this will lead to an eventual Carson nomination in July.

  • Dr. Ben is the Coolest

    Ben is a person who is well educated, brilliant, kind, wise, full of integrity and humorous. An excellent problem solver who thinks outside the box and is an enemy of the status quo. The best candidate the USA has had in decades. If Americans do not elect him, they are fools.

  • Calm level-headed demeanor vs. Shouting and name-calling? No contest.

    I hear people talk about how soft spoken he is (which he is speaking up more now), but I'd rather have a calm, cool, analytical, and yes - brilliant president than an emotional, interrupting, rude, condescending one. And - he is honest. That puts him at the top of the other candidates.

  • The only candidate I trust to tell the truth....

    I may not agree 100% with Dr. Carson on every single issue, but I appreciate that he is not a silver-tongued politician who says whatever it takes to get a vote. I trust him. I believe him to be an man of integrity, wisdom, and common sense. He is also humble enough to seek wise counsel and is receptive to opinions that differ from his. He shows compassion and strength. I can only hope voters are not manipulated by the media and slime ball politicians, and actually research where he stands on the issues (see .

  • Not afraid of bullies

    Ben Carson openly declares rebellion against the constraints of freedom of speech and thought imposed by the ridiculous mores of Political Correctness. In a world that is on a downward spiral into stupidity, it is refreshing to find an intelligent, strong ethical candidate who calls a spade a spade and wants to get on and deal with issues to improve the country and life for fellow human beings. I say YES, Ben Carson is THE MAN we need!

  • You can do it Ben!

    "The 45th President of the United States.........(silence)............Ben Carson! The crowd roars and "Hail to the Chief" comes on. Social Media, the News, Newspapers, and the Paparazzi go crazy over Ben Carson's victory hours later. The Carsons move into The White House. Ben Carson makes his inagarual speech that is televised. He makes a dozen speeches and announcments. Arms U.S. troops and take back some Soldiers to save lives, uses different strategies and advances. ISIS exterminated.

  • The right leader for these times

    Americans are looking for a citizen statesman to return power to the people. Carson is not only brilliant but has the common sense that has been sorely lacking in American politics for decades. He is the only candidate to travel to Jordan and assess the Syrian refugee crisis for himself and he has been 100% accurate on his assessment of the Middle East so far. His healthcare plan is 2nd to none and his plans for cutting government by attrition is brilliant because it avoids messy battles with govt unions. You simply let them retire and don't replace them. The President will be picking new Supreme Court Justices as well and this is the guy I want picking them. Also we need to heal the racial divide and this guy is the most unifying candidate in the race.

  • Appears level-headed and practical

    Well, to date, I've not conducted any real in-depth candidate research, so...Like most Americans, will toss my few cents in based on a few snippets of televised debate. (I'll be unique by actually admitting it)

    I'll simply claim his calm, reserved demeanor, based in agreeable personal principles, and his ability to "irate" the media and those on the "extreme wings" by responding with reason and practicality to situations makes him appear "to be on the right track." Not opposed to change or new ideas, but the new "ideas" and "trends" running amuck in the U.S. just simply don't make sense, devoid of wisdom, and have no foresight of what their methods will enable. Betting on Carson to stomp down this emotional response lunacy and shove some basic common sense down the collective throat...As I'm tired of seeing lunacy shoved down mine.

  • Our Country Needs a Healer

    The man knows what it means to bring healing to our nation beginning with his strong belief in the great Healer, Jesus Christ. He is pragmatic in his thinking, wise with his words, and gentle in his teaching. He puts himself in a servant position to others through his humble attitude yet still presents himself as a leader pointing toward the ideal we can attain once more as a nation superior in strength and fortitude.

  • Presidential man of God

    Dr. Is,the most presidential of all candidatws. He does not resort to bullying or name calling. He knows hos stuff and he will surround hisself with all the most expertise people to head up his cabinet. His healthcaew plan alone is wonsetful. He knows and wants to protect us from isis and syrian refugees.
    Hes got my vote along with my family and friends.

  • You have to be kidding, right?

    Carson would make a horrible President of the United States. I would have a hard time respecting, and following Carson as the next President. You cannot have someone leading the way for the American citizens, who claims that the Egyptian pyramids were used as grain silos. Silos? Seriously?? Consider that he has repeatedly has contradicted himself time and time again about his past and upbringing. This is not the caliber or individual that we need, or should want as a leader of our nation.

  • Too soft spoken

    After watching him during the debate last night I believe he is a fine man. But very soft spoken. Will Ferrell made fun of that on SNL last weekend and is correct.
    It should also be noted that as the debate progressed, he did improve. But in the one situation where he went out of his way to complain about not being given time to speak. He answered the question. And then on the follow-up question, said that he would let the other candidates deal with their argument, and refused tonget involved. That sealed for me whether I would vote for him or not. And l don't believe he is the right person at this time.

  • Not even close

    I like ben and support him and his message but he's not getting there. However only ben trump and Cruz have the business of running. Let's weed out these goofs like kasich and pataki and baby Santorum. Huckabee is a good guy as well but he's not anywhere close not even graham

  • No. A neurosurgeon cannot be the brain of the country.

    His field is neurology. This doesn't mean that he is capable of applying that knowledge and expertise into becoming the new POTUS. He is not a candidate. His strengths are within his field of medicine. He has a range of book writing and that popularity of those are a limited audience. So he might be used to speaking in front of a lot of people. I doubt he could make good decisions in regards to laws ,etc. He seemed a little incapable of responding to the question of how involved he was in the issue of the use of fetal parts. Inadequate answers,questionable responses give no doubt that he is trying to venture into a job in which he is unfit. He would have no ability in dealings with other leaders since that is not where his strength is. Relying on your faith as a means of being President is not something I see as a point of winning. A good lawyer wouldn't make a good Pope. So why should anyone care if he has faith? Relying on that is obsolete. If possible, he might actually be worse than Obama.

  • No, Ben Carson cannot win the Republican Party's nomination

    As a self-made, scientific man in a party that is sometimes negatively viewed as a rich man's party and anti-science, Ben Carson is an attractive candidate. However, he can be very controversial, which narrows his appeal. His lack of experience in politics, foreign affairs, and the political arena also hamper him, especially against the experienced and politically savvy Hillary Clinton, likely Democratic candidate.

  • Why Ben Carson Won't Win the Repubican Nomination for President

    Ben Carson, who recently stated that he will be entering the race for the upcoming election as a Republican candidate, will not win the Republican nomination for president. Because he has just entered and there are plenty of other people running who are more known and powerful than him, it is a long shot that he would receive the Republican vote.

  • Ben Carson for President?

    Although Ben Carson would be a strong candidate for the Republican Party, I think his lack of political experience will be a main factor in why he does not get the nomination. Although his best-selling books have put his name and ideas in front of a wide audience, I think the Republican Party nominee will be someone with more, official political experience.

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