• He seems to even be gaining support among conservatives, so it's possible.

    With the growing divide between conservatives and liberals, it is almost unheard of for a Democrat to receive support from conservatives or a Republican to receive support from liberals. However, Bernie Sanders seems to have support from many conservatives. While there is actually quite a bit of common ground between conservatives and liberals, generally speaking, people on each side still tend to dislike people from the other side. I think the conservative support for Bernie Sanders is because of Sanders' obvious genuine concern for the country and the people, in addition to his ability to avoid stooping to name-calling and accusations against Republicans and his Democratic opponents. He speaks passionately, but he seems to view even his political opponents more as teammates, which endears him to many people.

  • Win or Lose, Sanders Will Change to America

    Bernie Sanders is shaking the foundation of America. "Socialism" is becoming a common and acceptable topic of discussion, and he's forcing his left-leaning political peers to think big. People are saying no to the two-party dictatorship on both sides. With Bernie in the scene, we see an expansion of what is deemed acceptable in American leftist ideology. We also feel anger from the voters as they react to the totalitarian idea the DNC presented them with: Choose Hillary or choose no one.

    Just as many conservatives choose Trump as a way to lash out at the corruption of the Republican party, many Democrats are choosing Bernie in part to show that they will not accept the removal of choice from their primary. Change is being demanded by the American voters.

    If Bernie Sanders pulls through to win the nomination, he'll change the state of politics by doing as much as possible to remove money from the campaign equation. If all he does is give Hillary a good race, at the very least he's changed politics by forcing her to discuss the liberal ideas that are driving change in modern America, while starting to make the word "socialist" acceptable again.

  • Bernie Sanders can't change the state of politics

    Bernie Sanders cannot change the state of American politics. The system is too embedded by money. I think his efforts are a good start, but there needs to be more done, such as the reversal of the Supreme Court's United decision. He is running a positive campaign, but unfortunately, there is too much negativity from others.

  • Not going to happen.

    The problem is that Bernie has given a political movement a face and an identity. That's actually a bad thing, especially when you mix it with public office. I understand that there are powerful figures that have carried a movement, but those leaders need to work from the outside. By running for President, Bernie is only ensuring that the work he is doing will fizzle out the minute the election is over whether he wins or not. A real movement would move many people, not call one person as its savior.

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