Can Bernie Sanders' plans for health care, education, and finance reform the U.S. economy?

  • Bernie Sanders' plans can reform the U.S. economy.

    Bernie Sanders' plans for health care, education, and finance can reform the U.S. economy because it would change the structure of it. With more fair taxation and access to health care and education for lower-income people under Bernie Sanders' plan, the economy will become more equal by giving people a chance to improve their socioeconomic status.

  • Look at FDR

    With the exception of Health Care, most of what Bernie is suggesting has existed in the U.S before. During the post war period, which is the greatest period of prosperity in US history, the United States provided very affordable education to its citizens. This only changed in the 80s. This allowed the US to build the most skilled workforce in the world and create may innovative products. The same goes for campaign finance. The U.S only had its current finance system after the Citizens' United decision, which gave corporations too much power in the political process. We need to go back to what was working. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

  • We may as well ask what would happen if the earth were square

    In fairness to Senator Sanders, his plans probably really could reform the U.S. economy. Even if elected, however, none of those plans will. The obstinacy and obstructionism of Republican members of congress will only intensify, leading them to new heights of inactivity. Imagine the vile they would spew over Sanders' reforms after the vitriol and idiocy that came after the ACA.

  • Sanders has no Grasp on Economics

    Bernie Sanders' plans for health care, education, and finance cannot reform the United States' economy. Sanders continues to promise free things, such as education, to Americans, but at what price? The money for these supposedly free services will come from higher tax rates, which continue to plague the American public.

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