Can Bernie Sanders win primaries and caucuses around the country based on his showing in Iowa?

  • Bernie Sanders is being taken seriously now.

    Before the caucus, there was a question of whether Sanders could win. The most recent caucus proved that he has an audience for his message. The question mark around his campaign was most definitely erased when it became such a close tie. He keeps winning without losing his integrity. Go Bernie!

  • Bernie Sanders a favorite in the primaries

    I think that Bernie Sanders has a great chance to win the primaries, he is a great candidate and the media has been behind him a good part of the time. Clinton cannot win because she's trying too much to be perfect, Bernie Sanders is more a man of the people.

  • Bernie Might Win

    Whether or not Bernie Sanders wins primaries and caucuses around the country after his showing in Iowa totally depends on him and his decisions. Hillary Clinton made it a very tight race, and Bernie Sanders has to keep pushing for more money and more votes to pull ahead of her.

  • Yes, it was Nearly a Tie

    In the Iowa Caucus, the votes between Clinton and Sanders were so close together that is was anyone's race. The Iowa republicans were split nearly fifty fifty, and if that is any indication of how primaries and caucuses around the country will go then it is a good sign for Sanders.All he needs are a few final big pushes and he will have his campaign locked down.

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