• This nonsense has to stop

    Blacks can be racist. Much like Hispanics, Asians, Europeans can be racist. Just because white people did bad things in past does not get blacks off the hook for not being racist. Racism isn't the power to oppress. It's hating another race. Like these types who say "blacks can't be racist" are full of it.

  • Everyone can be racist.

    Racism is not relegated to one group or more powerful groups. In the Rwandan genocide, The darker black race that was not privileged by whites during colonialism massacred the lighter skinned privileged class after colonialism. . . The Nazi party who started out as a minority killed the Jews who were perceived as a privileged class before the holocaust. Minorities with bad intentions can rise to power and do awful things. Were they not racist before they had power? Of course they were and just because they percieved themselves as oppressed it doesn't mean they weren't. That is why I don't condone this line of thinking. A ideology that preaches you cannot be racist, Is a ideology where one has the self righteousness to do justified bad things to another human being. In both those incidences people were classified and separated into good and bad groups. What genocides teach us is that separating groups out by identity can lead to horrible results.

  • Funny how there's even a debate for this

    Seriously, I've seen black people yelling racial slurs at asians, Muslims, And other races of people. And even so, Any race can be racist, Not only white people.

    I really find it surprising that there's even a debate to argue for this common sense; especially with this much of people saying black people can't be racist, It just proved how f'ed up this world is. I'm going to be straight with you, With no racial offense of any kind. Black people nowadays are really just too sensitive, Thinking being black should be praised and treated well because white people enslaved their ancestors some decades ago. Literally, Boycotting Oscar awards, Black lives matter, And this up coming movie "The Hate U Give", It's all about empowering black people to cause more conflict between races. Think about it, Since when asians, Indians, Muslims, Latinos, Or any other race started a campaign to promote the so-called "equality". Its "Black lives matter" not "all lives matter". And have asians, Latinos, Or any race ever complained about representation in movies?

    I'm really just telling the truth, All these campaigns and marches, Just to tell people how black people are better than white people and other races, If this isn't racist then I don't know what to tell you.

  • Black people can be just as racist as any other race.

    Black people can be just as cruel ignorant and closed minded as the racists of any other country. They will usually use the experience of ancestors whom they aren't even sure we're slaves as an excuse, And it doesnt even matter if the person they are acting out against is even a white american. If your skin is light enough, Then you are part of the problem. . How is this not racism? They will tell you that white people all live in trailors. . That they all commit incest, Smell etc. . . And they purposely pass this ignorance on to new generations just the same as the kkk. .

  • Yes the fucking can.

    Yes they CAN be racist. An argument i'd like to talk about is the "Black people can't be racist because they aren't in power" argument. This makes me scoff at anyone who even believes it's true. It doesn't even work as an argument because you'll see black people in the media like music videos and shit like that and there was even a black president so this is false. The fact that my whole family thinks this to be true makes me want to disown my self.

  • Blacks CAN be racist!

    Yes, they can be racist. They always play the victim card and shit like that saying things like "Us blacks suffered from slavery." So? You aren't suffering slavery now and plus slavery is illegal and was also called out by a white man so wth are you talking about? Another thing i'd like to talk about is when they say "Blacks can't be racist because they are the minority." This is false. Not only because it's stupid, but because you turn it around. Barack Obama is black and he was the president.

  • Yes they can

    I do not know how you can come to the conclusion of thinking that one race cannot be racist to another race if you are a race then you can be racist to another race if you are of African descent and you say you hate white people that is racist no matter what people did to you in your past. And I'm just baffled how people can go from living with each other to going back in history I don't think Martin Luther King would support what people are saying.

  • Yes, anyone can be racist.

    Our first teachers are our parents. They have developed opinions and beliefs based on their life experiences. When our parents have been slighted by any group, they develop a dislike and distrust of that group. That's where and how prejudices begin. As repeated negative experiences continue, the feelings of dislike and distrust grow stronger, they turn into hatred for that group. That's prejudice. When applied to any group of people ( black, red, yellow or white) racism is the result. As we go through life and experience similar. Negative experiences with these groups we strengthen our hate of that group. As humans, every single person on planet Earth has some level of prejudice, no matter who you are, where you are from or your background.

  • Racism is hating a group of people because of their race. Not hating a group of people because they are black.

    When I hear black people arrogantly claim that blacks cannot be racist, I marvel at how they seem unable to hear how uneducated that sounds. It blows my mind. There is a lot of hatred black people have towards other races, especially white people. It seems like their parents raise them to believe that they carry the burden of slavery and oppression that only their ancestors carried. I remember when I went to go do my taxes at an H&R block. I had made an appt to avoid the walk-in lineup. When I was served at the time the appt was made for, a group of young black women in the walk-in line started shouting and claimed that I got served first because I was a white woman. After it was clarified to them that appt’s can be made, they settled down unhappily though still convinced they were right. It’s like the young black community is being conditioned with hatred for white people. And there’s really no way to change their way of thinking. I believe people in the black community play the most part in keeping racism alive today.

  • Haha... What you're serious?

    The answer is yes, despite this new age of backwards thoughts and brain ooze that people like to shovel out of their mouths... I guess for fun or comical reasons, surely people can't be this stupid..

    The very definition wasnt just thrown into a book and said here people ignore this s!@#, it means any one who hates another being solely based on ones ethnicity and or nationality. (Fun fact: people who actually suffered from racism had that added into the dictionary)

    This whole new age bull is nothing more than brain rot thought up by some one with way too much time on their hands.. Racism has nothing to do with power or an advantage, is has to do with hatred in general towards another fellow human that looks different then you... Simple and if you answer is no to this, then that makes you an actual bigot.
    (please rethink your life)

    Peace Love and Tranquility Brothers/Sisters

  • The only answer on "No" made me laugh for a whole minute straight!

    This is an extremely funny post because it is racist all by itself. Every human is capable of racism despite their ...Race. Racism is usually caused by a person having a bad experience with one individual who happened to be a certain race. They then thought that all of the people belonging to that race are the same way. I have met several "black" people who do not act the way people assume most would.

  • No they cannot:

    You're so silly. Where did you discover this? Black people cannot and never have been capable of racism in any degree. Why the world would come to an end if this were the case and ultimately the grave danger of stating that the vanguards of morality would suffer a failure is very high.

  • Think about it

    Black people considered racist only bear animosity towards white people for one reason - racial segregation, oppression and enslavement. In this case this would not be deemed racism, rather it should be deemed hatred towards the abuse of human rights and further inhumane acts of the white race committed in the past.
    White people however can be considered racist because they have no reason whatsoever to bear any kind of hatred towards any other race. Since they were powerful historically, they defined racism and practised it on other races. In this case, from past till present, racism was bred by the white race, has only always been defined by the white race and so is associated with the white race.

  • Depends on how you define 'racist'

    The word "racist" is a charged, controversial term. There are two prevalent ways of viewing this subject:

    1) Racism is behavior connected to systemic oppression. In order to be racist, you must also have the elements of privilege and power. People of color, therefore, cannot be racist because their hatred is only in response to systemic oppression.

    2) Racism is any preferential or prejudicial treatment based on race. In this respect, people of color can certainly be "racist". From hating and attacking white people based on broad generalizations to disparaging fellow minorities based on petty stereotypes, people of color certainly have the ability to discriminate.

  • They are racially oppressed

    As society has proven time and again, Black people are racially oppressed. So when they say "that blonde bish is dumb af" it's ok because They Are Racially Oppressed.
    Only white people are racist because they are not rACialLy OPpresSEd.
    Black people can say the most racist thing (N****r) and get away with it because. . . . Remember, THEY ARE RACIALLY OPPRESSED
    They are entitled to you belongings, They are just following what is right. . . Because THEY ARE RACIALLY F***ING OPPRESSED!

  • Racism is more than hate

    Black people can be prejudice but racist, NO! Racism the U. N. Defined in the 70's as the act of oppressing politically, Economically and socially. In American black people do not have the political power to create laws to stop a white person from voting, Buying a house or to be extremely mistreated.

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