• Their parents raised them.

    Yes, blame for bullies can be placed on others, because most of the time, it is the parent who raised them to be a bully. Most of the time, a child has problems because of the environment that their parent has put them in. This includes teaching them poor behavior, as well as substance abuse that causes them to act out. Parents should raise their children to act appropriately.

  • Parents of Bullies

    The blame for bullies can be placed on the parents of said bullies. Kids copy so much of what their parents do, bullies often mimic behavior seen at home. If a child's parents are overly aggressive, chances are the bully will be the same way. The only other blame that can be found for bullies other than the bullies themselves lies with the parents.

  • Bullies can so not place the blame on others

    When bullies place the blame on others they don't care what happens. Because if the child that was the on blamed gets expelled the bully will just pit the blame on other people. Then that will probally get everyone in the school expelled. That would not be good for the school.

  • No,blame for bullies can not be placed on others.

    No,blame for bullies can not be placed on others.The buuly needs to take full responsibility for his or her actions.This is how bullies get away with so much negative behavior.They tend to have somewhat strong personalities and sometimes they are able to convince others that they are victims in the whole situation.

  • It Shouldn't Be

    I do not believe that people should try to blame others for bullies. I understand that some bullies have parents that allow it to happen or don't have control over their child, but there are adult bullies as well. I think it is best to punish bullies, directly, in a way that might make them think twice about repeating the act.

  • Blame for bullies cannot be placed on others.

    Bullies are responsible for their own actions and no one else should be blamed for their actions. Although parents should play a role in their children's lives, the parents should not ultimately be held responsible. The choice to act or not to act rests with the individua, and they should get punished for bad behavior.

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