• They report what they see.

    Yes, bloggers should be considered journalists, because they report reality as they see it. They might not be reporting on the latest car crash or embezzlement scandal. Their news might be what is happening in their own household. Even so, they are reporting the human experience. They are the truest journalist.

  • Yes, I think bloggers can be considered journalists.

    Many Bloggers work just as hard if not harder then television journalists to bring their readers accurate information on recent events, I don't see why we couldn't consider a Blogger to be a proper journalist as long as the Blogger is taking it seriously and providing accurate and detailed information.

  • No, they can not be considered so

    They lack any serious writing skills and a journalism degree. I think very few bloggers are actually journalists. If that were the case then, everyone with a computer and extra time on their hands could call themselves a journalist. I for one, like a nice written articles by a professional, not a child.

  • There needs to be a standard

    There are plenty of good writers and good journalists working strictly in blogging, largely because journalism can be such a competitive field hindered by nepotism, but for the majority of people working in blogs, they are not journalists. They are not researchers, they have not studied their craft, and they are not reporters. Some are simply gossip-mongers, justifying their own ends.

  • No They Can't

    I do not believe it is right to say all bloggers are journalists. There are blogs for all kinds of topics, they aren't all about news. Secondly, anyone can write a blog and there's no guarantee that they even edit their material before publishing. I believe the term journalist comes with a certain level of professionalism.

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