Can Bobbi Kristina recover from the issues that have plagued her since her mother's death?

  • It was announce on the news this morning that she is awake

    I believe it was a good idea that her family waiting and kept her on life support to see if she would recover from her injuries. Most people believed that she would not recover and would face the same fate that her mother faced. However her outcome has been different.

  • If Bobbi Kristina can overcome her heathproblems, she'll be able to move forward

    Bobbi Kristina is a young woman, and young people are very resilient. The death of a parent is a traumatic event, and while it will certainly change the person that she is, with support and perhaps counseling she should be able to move forward and become a successful adult person.

  • Of course she can

    To be honest I am not entirely sure what issues have been plaguing Bobbi Kristina since her mom died but no matter what they are she can overcome them. A parents death shouldn't be the end of anyone's life and it is normal to have problems but eventually time will heal the wound.

  • No, Bobbi Kristina cannot overcome the issues that have plagued her since her mother's death.

    Bobbi Kristina is a good example of how alcohol and drug issues/addiction are genetic. It is amazing to watch such beautiful and talented people throw their lives away. Both of Bobbi Kristina's parents have battled drug and alcohol issues so it was just a matter of time before she had issues of her own.

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