• When I began reading the Bible, my Faith grew stronger and it dramatically changed me.

    The Bible is a beautiful book filled with amazing historical records, beautiful poetry, and great stories about Jesus. To apply the words to your life will make you a better person and will help your Faith grow in God. Thank you for hearing me out and may God bless you all.

  • Reading is Imagination!

    Imagination helps us to have an opened mind and help us with our writing. Many People think that reading is just a hobby that someone does when thy are bored. Really Books are a life style, they change our lives in different ways and some are unexplanible. They have a way into the person's soul and mind and makes them thinck another way and other books dom different. That is why people that read or write are really open minde but also skeptics. It makes us have a bigger imagination and makes us see the world a different way that not a lot of people can see. So books really do change your life.

  • There's no doubt!

    The fact that this is even debatable is a shock to me, I figure that if there is a book that makes you cry or laugh, or feel any kind of intense feeling, then that book has changed you. Maybe it's a sad story that makes you re-evaluate your choices, or a poem that makes you feel less alone. That is a change, no matter how small.

  • They've changed me!

    After I read The Hunger Games, I started doing archery, climbing trees, and hanging out in the woods. If they can change my life, they sure can change the lives of others, too! For example, like another person said here, religious books make people change their lives to follow their words.

  • Of course, why not?

    There are a variety of different types of books that have changed peoples' lives. People write books for influence, to spread a message, a word, for people to understand and learn, and in various degrees, it does change peoples' lives.

    Even religious books have completely overhauled peoples' lifestyles.

    Because the title of this opinion is simple, I'll give a simple example.

    The Holy Book of the Muslims, the Qur'an, can be looked at as a simple book, and ever since it was revealed, billions have read it, and millions have had their lives changed.

    The Qur'an is a special book, as it is the most recited/read book on the face of this planet. Every day, millions of people read words from this book, and use it in their day to day lives.

    Millions of people around the world, from as young as 6 years old, to people in their old age, have memorized this book cover to cover, word for word, and they are never the same. Since the Qur'an is a book with a way of life for ALL peoples, it certainly does change people and their hearts, no doubts there. This has been going in since history, since it was compiled.

    Because of that, the Qur'an remains 100% preserved. Not a single letter or dot within the Qur'an has been changed or altered. No words or letters added or deleted, it remains the same book. Indeed, a miraculous book.

    The Qur'an is a simple book, it is a book of rules, conduct, ways of living, and it goes over all the things that we go through in life. It is the greatest, yet simplest book, that had created the biggest and largest change in human history.

    And it has not ceased yet.

    If the Qur'an, a simple book, can change peoples' lives so manifestly, then even other simple books may possess part of this power as well.

  • I don't like books.

    They fill people's minds with wrong and dangerous thoughts. I think that books should not contain anything bad in them that could influence or make people do the wrong thing. If I was a parent I would let my child read books that would poison there minds and corrupt them with evil. Books can change your life but not for the good.

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