Can both Atheists and Theists coexist together in good faith?

Asked by: O.Z
  • Yes! I am sick of all this debating!

    I am personally a Catholic and I respect Atheists, but honestly why do we have these religious debates? Can't we all just live together in peace and believe what we want? I am starting to think that some people who don't like creationism are trying to get rid of us. I was watching the Science Channel one day and I watched this thing called "Message From Bill Nye". Bill basically said that he doesn't think that future generations should believe in Creationism and parents should not teach it. I respect Atheists for their beliefs, but when they start doing things like this trying to eliminate our religion, that's when it gets serious. I really hurts my feeling to see Atheists now a days being total jerks. I wish that we could all just get along and not judge people because of their religion.

  • The United Kingdom did it.

    Uk's policies seemed to have been able to keep the religious debate outside the public sphere making everyone able to coexist under a non-theistic umbrella. Therefore, everyone is an atheist, until of course they express their faith. This, in my opinion makes public life much easier as it enables individuals to interact without a set of customs and dogmas to bar them.

  • Yes they can exist

    They can be said as two sides of a coin . Thus if we want them not to be together they will create hazard not only to the life of others but to the life that has still not lived. If only one of them exists ,there will be something like monopoly and the life would be of just like a horse. There must be variety and have coexistence between atheists and theists . They should not be totally forgetting their own purpose as they are not born to have no faith in each other.

  • We can do it!

    As a person who enforces reason, I think it is very possible for the two sides to coexist without unnecessary violence and strife. We should, as human beings, be able to overlook a person's beliefs about the world and like them just the way they are. It's the only way this world is gonna get better.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • I believe in co-existence

    I personally believe that it is possible. Because time and time again shows there are individuals out there who believe in atheism, and grew up with a sense of moral and ethical beliefs. Thus, what is right from wrong. And there is a lot of individuals out there today with a belief in God who also have morals and ethics too. I think it would be awesome if people today start to find common ground on their beliefs and values, and would learn a lot of what is shared in common between others with different religions. And if we could find and learn about what we share in common...We may be able to somehow find a way to accept the differences. I believe it won't be easy, but I truly think it is possible.

  • They're totally compatible.

    As a Christian with Atheist friends, I know that although we may have our petty differences, we are all human at the end of the day. I think that anybody who wants to make it a problem is just looking to pick a fight and should be ignored or ridiculed by society for acting so foolishly.

  • Look at America

    The only time you see a place where Atheists and Theists don't mix is in countries that discriminate and favor one type. Yes, even in America there are disputes between atheists and theists, it rarely evolves into a serious dispute. In a well run democracy where everyone has the right to practice their own beliefs, and where the government protects that right, then Atheists and Theists can coexist.

  • Absolutely. But both sides need to make a better effort to understand each other.

    Alrhough one does not necessarily have to respect another's beliefs, there is no reason whatsoever to be disrespectful, or to deny other people's basic right to believe whatever they want. As an atheist, I try to be respectful of everyone's religious beliefs (except for those that encourage homophobia or violence). I have no time for atheists who dismiss believers as irrational idiots, any more than I do for theists who condemn atheists as immoral. I think we should all stop making sweeping, bigoted generalizations about people whose views are different to ours.

  • Absolutely they can

    They can, but I cannot guarantee they will.

    But what gives me hope is that when we are honest with ourselves, the question of god is more complex than a simple yes or no. It is a question with considerations on multiple axis. There are ways in which most of us don't know and ways in which most of us cannot imagine a universe with god but cannot imagine how god fits into it either.

    So more often than we actually realize, the theist and the atheist are the exact same person.

  • It's just one part of the person

    I am a theist, I am one because of philosophical reasoning and things I have experienced. Many other people have different beliefs for different reasons. I have friends with many different social, political, religious, and economic ideals. A belief is just one small part of a person, you shouldn't reject something just because of one flaw (in your opinion). Intolerance on both sides is the driving force of the hate. If you are a Christian, as I am, and you snub atheists: first, I would like to slap you for hypocrisy everyone ought to be loved and accepted as fellow beings, second: religious and scientific knowledge marry quite well, learn both. If you are an Atheist and you snub Theists: first, science doesn't disprove religion (even evolution, aka an evolutionary theist), and if someone is religious, that doesn't mean they hate or don't study science and science doesn't hold the monopoly on truth. Second, faith is not believing for no reason, it is trust in a philosophy that pays off. I put my faith in science, and God, both things show obvious confirming benefits. Third, for heaven's sake, don't cite non-existent scientific evidence such as 'knowing where consciousness and thought comes from' or treating vague scientific theories as concrete evidence against God (e.G. Big Bang, btw the order of events actually match genesis) because we all know that theories never change, like light being able to exit a black hole.

    All and All, it's best to just put aside one small disagreement. Both sides need to stop being elitist snobs thinking their way is the only one and being intolerant of each other. In the end, it's all about RESPECT. After all, we are all wanderers trying to find truth, why judge others that find something different when searching in the dark?

  • No, they cannot

    My first instinct was to respond "yes", because of the underlying moral principles involved. I am a physics student and, as a man of science, must admit that I believe in a superior being than ourselves. Unfortunately, when it comes into mind and after thing about it for several minutes, any logical attempt at bringing these two kinds of people together results in conflict, even if very minimal. As with many historical "religious wars", I do not think atheists and theists will inure to living under each other.

  • Atheists have become militant and vicious!

    I do not believe that those who believe in God can co-exist peacefully with most atheists as they are becoming more militant every day. They sue at the drop of a hat, constantly ridicule religion and anyone who believes in God, and refuse to tolerate those who see things differently than they do. They preach coexistance, but scream and rail at those who believe in God. I see this becoming worse and worse every day and the only way to handle it is to get into a screaming match or just walk away.

  • What is 'Good Faith'?

    That is key. If we look at history so far, countries (at least in the western world) have generally liberalized in recent centuries. Laws come into being that are directly in conflict with older doctrine. I am an atheist myself. I can see that faith itself, however, is being twisted by our modern culture. I suppose if you put a bunch of theists together and outlawed science, you might be able to retain beliefs for a longer period of time.

  • Atheism is the antithesis of religion

    Atheism is essentially anti-religion and staunchly against any sort of belief in God. It is totally against religious practices. Different religions can co-exist with each other because they have an underlying bond between them which brings them to a common platform (i.E. The universal support for belief in God by all religions), however atheists cannot because they are the complete opposites of theists and living together will cause a lot of tension between both the communities.

  • We respect each other until faith gets involved.

    The majority of my friends are Atheist and I'm a theist. We get on so well and have so much in common, until it comes to religion. I'm not saying that atheists and theists can't get on period, but in my experience, religious beliefs are always a source of tension. They've caused so many arguments between me and my friends and also among my family. So yea, we can co-exist in friendship and interests, but sadly not in faith.

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