Can both genetics and bad parenting be involved in a disorder

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  • And among other factors

    Often you will read an article and if any partial genetic correlation is found it then speaks in a way that says this somehow disproves other factors like bad parenting.

    However this is seen in articles about conditions where genetics is NOT found to make up 100% of a condition.

    This means that bad parenting could well be another factor. And of course there could be factors other than bad parenting or genetics. Peers, teachers, media, nutrition, etc...

    And they can interact. A person could have a gene that will only lead to a disorder like for example ADD if they are parented poorly. And maybe even then there are yet more factors which would alter that outcome.

    Most learning disabilities or mental disorders or really any facet of the human mind including personality is likely to depend not on just genetics or environment or even genetics and environmental factors that easily come to mind (some out there factor like the amount of color exposure and that color's learned cultural association with certain emotions could well be a factor), but it is likely to depend on something which if we knew it would be an extremely long and difficult equation and even then it's unlikely we'd get perfect determinancy. Scientists know that on the quantum level there is randomness in physics. If something fell into the right "gray area" then that tiny level would become relevant for that individual case in pushing the outcome in one direction or another.

  • Two different factors, but both can influence the outcome.

    Genetics is biological (obviously). Parenting is environmental. I attended a lecture once that addressed this subject. The message was that a child, in the right environment, can overcome biological setbacks, i.e. Learning Disabilities. This requires parental involvement and the right academic setting, as well as medical treatment (in some cases). I was working as a volunteer with Special Ed students, twice a week, at the time. I found the information to be priceless. Unfortunately, in many cases, parents are in denial about their child having a problem and/or needing help. I've also seen some cruel and ill-informed teachers. A few could literally be defined as prejudice. The latter doesn't like to deal with LD students, or want them in their class. They lack the professionalism and patience to teach them. It's pathetic, but it happens.

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