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  • If you will use it in a proper way

    I mean many of us have our own cellphone but different uses. Some of us uses it in communication some are using it in entertainment and some uses it for learning. There are many applications that will help you to learn many and new things. It is also handy you can use it anytime

  • They are more convenient

    Even though the have the same power as small computers, it is more convenient to use cell phones as most kids these days have one. For schools that cannot afford IPads ( or cell phones), they may as easily provide computers. However, it is cheaper to let students use the technology they already have rather than provide for a whole school, so as not to create the image of unequal treatment. Thank you for your time, and hope you have a good day!

  • Yes they can.

    Cell phones can be used as education tools because they have the power of small computers to where you can use them for typing up documents, research information, and many other things related to school, colleges, and other teaching places. So, yes I think that cell phones can be used as educational tools.

  • People use cellphone to help them

    Cell phone are needed in people's life and other people need phones to use answer questions

    They have to have more resorces than a library a library u have to go back and forth to look up information people can't leave school to go to the library to look up infp

  • They are not relevant.

    Pro offers up the argument of they have the power of small computers. So why don't you just get a small computer? A cell phone can be a distraction in class. In order for a school to supply its students with iPads(or cell phones), it must have a lot more money than that required to buy small computers.

  • Everyone knows that if somethings have an advantage then it also have plenty of disadvantages

    I know that ever teen have a phone in his or her hand,and it's mostly every time u can see they r carrying there smartphones everywhere.As my fellow frnds told us that it has its advantages because it makes studies more easy and interesting for folks of our age group but anybody had ever noticed that what are its disadvantages??
    There are many
    Some of them r misusing of these modern gadgets others u all know despite of studies children would start sharing jokes,will start getting online even in school hours ,that I don't think would be relevant .
    There r plenty of disadvantages of cell phone .

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