• Yes,certain foods can trigger severe allergies.

    Yes,certain foods can trigger severe allergies.This is especially true with children and certain foods like peanuts.Children can actually have a reaction bad enough to cause death.It's important to keep all peanut products away from these types of allergic children to avoid problems that might lead to problems that might be caused by such severe reactions.

  • Its is clear

    Yes, serious allergies can result from the intake of food - I don't understand how this is even up for debate. Serious food allergies are serious causes for concern in many people in the US and the world, even though intolerance of certain foods is most definitely over diagnosed today.

  • Peanuts, Wheat Two Culprits

    Food really can trigger certain allergies. Peanuts and wheat are two of the most common. My own father is allergic to coffee and carrots--eating either one of those foods leads to a hospital trip. Some food allergies happen out of nowhere. Some food allergies happen later in life after consuming too much of one thing. I've seen food allergies in action and most of them are not pretty.

  • Yes, certain foods have caused ill effects.

    Yes, certain foods can trigger severe allergies. It has been proven through medical research that certain foods can cause severe allergic reactions, with side effects including things like hives, redness of the skin, itchy mouth, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain. It is caused by the immune system mistakenly targeting a harmless food protein as a threat and attacking it.

  • Some have deadly allergies to different foods

    Yes, certain foods can trigger severe allergies in some people. In most cases it is not the complete food product, it is actually just a certain ingredient. Some suffer serious reactions to peanuts and shellfish that can result in death if not treated immediately. Other have allergies that cause skin reactions such as hives.

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