• Cheerleading is definitely a sport

    All-Star cheerleading should definitely be considered a sport. Cheer is just like any other sport, you sweat, you work hard, you compete, you practice to get better and as usual you get injured. Cheerleading is y life, I've been doing it for 7 whole years and I'm only 11 years old and I think It should be exclaimed more as just girls that shake their butts and try to be popular and just to entertain. I do cheerleading because I love it and because its my life.

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  • Yes, cheerleading can be considered a sport.

    Cheerleading, in most cases, is more than just leading cheers. Typically, a cheerleader is called upon to undertake strenuous and oftentimes complicated physical activities. Many of the moves of a cheerleader are akin to those undertaken by a person involved in gymnastics, which is an activity clearly classified as a sport.

  • Cheerleading should be considered a sport.

    Although cheerleading began as a way for people to support their favorite teams from the stands, it has evolved into a well-organized, physically-demanding activity. There are cheerleading competitions and rules by which the team must abide. Cheerleading fits all of the criteria in the definition of sport and should be considered one.

  • Yes, cheerleading demands the physical fitness and skill of a sport.

    Yes, cheerleading is a sport because of the physical conditioning and acrobatic tricks required. Cheerleaders must be able to perform leaps, jumps and twists, similar to the sport of ice skating. They also must be able to lift and hold a significant amount of weight as they balance other cheerleaders in various formations.

  • No, it's a physical activity, but not a sport

    In order for an activity to be a sport, there have to be opposing teams, set rules, and set ways to earn points. This doesn't mean that cheerleading requires no physical skill, it just means that it's not a sport. Cheerleading is a great physical activity and a worthy endeavor, but it should not be considered a sport.

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