• Ab so fucking leutly

    Dem pedos be fukim dem kids na mean, thats how they be turning gay na mean, fukcing sicko parents nam fuckong saying dem creepy af na mean wtf keeping it xbox muthafuka 4 titans breaking em pony legs buy american crap gamer o uuuu u u u u utt t

  • There is such a thing called cultural homosexuality.

    There are many historical documents detailing what we would, in modern times, refer to as sexual abuse against young boys in ancient Greek and Roman societies. These behaviors were cultivated generation after generation where young boys were sodomized by adult men, who in turn perpetuated the practice once they came of age.

    To infer that all of these ancient Greeks and so many ancient Romans were born homosexuals and merely doing what came natural is at best naive and more likely a severe care of denial.

  • Just an excuse

    That is just an excuse that some closed minded people have come up with to attack homosexuals Most homosexuals were not abused and most sexually abused people do not become homosexual. There are just some cases of gays being sexually abused but they were in fact and just did not realize it until they were older (like most homosexuals).

  • Too many Factors

    Childhood sexual abuse may cause homosexual tendencies in certain individuals, but, overall, I think that ones sexuality is developed by many other factors in their life. It's hard to say that one thing causes a person to be of a certain sexual preference. I am not ruling out the possibility that some people who were sexually abused as a child would have a different sexual preference had they not been abused.

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