Can China and Japan peacefully coexist in the future?

  • They can coexist.

    Peaceful coexistence is within the grasp of any individual and nation. While my own personal knowledge does not encompass exactly why the Japanese people and Chinese people have volatile relations, I believe future leadership will find it exceedingly beneficial to develop a further positive diplomatic relationship with each nation. Seeing as how they are two major world powers within a short distance from eachother, this coexistence will benefit both nations handsomely.

  • Yes, but they need to work on their nationalism and race issues.

    China and Japan can coexist in the future if they manage their nationalism and biases against each other. Some skepticism towards each other is justified, especially in the case of China against Japan, but that should not extend to general hatred of each other. If Japan and China get over their petty biases they can be peaceful.

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