• We can beat you Americans easily

    I am Chinese. If america goes to war with us, we will defend our motherland and its history with our lives and blood. With Americans its different, did you know that less than 10% of american soldier join for patriotism. When there is war, they will run away like cowards and will not fight. We china are not weak, our nation has the longest history and we all get the same training so all we need is a good general to lead us and we will win.

  • China far out numbers the U.S and they are much more loyal

    The Chinese would fight to the death for their land while American soldiers would not be nearly as willing. Many are just soldiers to repay student loans, escape poverty, etc. Depending who started the war and the reasons, the U.S may or may not have the support of other NATO members, which may actually give the U.S a fighting chance. But, of course, China would be backed up by both North Korea and Russia. Many people believe that the U.S would win due to it's advanced military technology, but how do we know that China doesn't have just as good or better technology? China is a rather secretive country and it is very possible they have completely devastating weaponry that members of NATO don't have. Coming from an American, we would be defeated after about 5 or so years of devastating fighting.

  • Yes, in time

    By recall the 1.3 trillion debt the usa would be on it knee, forcing itself to sell many war goods to china like carrier. Yes usa can block china but china can get most of its oil from russia. Naval superiority can be countered by vast misslie launch by china

  • Yes it can

    China can almost has enough to beat the USA now and after the shutdown in Washington it shows that the US is weakening and it already owes 1 trillion dollars to china so in 25 yrs the Chinese military would be advanced and the US would be in a economic crisis and by then they would have reduced their military funding and would be in the top 5 powers. With China's population they would overrun the US.

  • With no doubt

    First you will notice that the Chinese and Russian army are a lot more determined (when there is a war everyone puts down their differences) unlike the western nations where they think they are the best and the toughest but they are actually the most ineffective army in the world. Secondly China has carrier killers so U.S. carriers are useless. Third is that in a conventional war the Chinese and the Russians could just overwhelm the west with sheer numbers of people

  • China can beat USA easily

    One of the biggest superpower is Russia, who is allied with China. Russia has the most nukes in the world and if they give some to China, USA will get annihilated. Usa will cease to exist. China has a huge army too and then combined with Russia, USA will not stand a chance. Im Canadian BTW.

  • It depends on a lot of things going right for China in the beginning

    The problem is in warfare, History being a guide, Counting on things to go right a lot of the time is a fool's gamble. China still has only 2 carriers, And a lot of their modern weaponry has not been tested-in combat. Also their troops have Zero combat experience, Whereas the US military has more or less been fighting actively since the 1st Persian Gulf War. The key for the United States going forward before a conflict breaks out is to establish diplomatic ties again with Taiwan, And rearm Taiwan with the types of modern weapons that will make it impossible to for China to mount an amphibious assault on Taiwan.

  • No way Jose


    [No nukes? Okay, fine!]

    There are numerous reasons why. None of which can be ignored.
    Industry -- Winning/fighting wars post-WWII is no longer just about having a lot of people. It's about having the industrial capacity to produce the material needed for war. Edit: The US/Canada has sufficient heavy industrial capacity to counter both of those nations combined (if not exceed entirely).
    Technology -- the US has military technology that even without biological, nuclear or chemical warfare, would be so devastating to any invading army that the death-toll would be beyond catastrophic. It's incredibly advanced compared to Russia and China and that advancement would make it incredibly hard to have any kind of advantage facing the US in a battle for her own soil.
    Tactics / Techniques -- the US has been fighting wars non-stop for the better part of a century. The training that has gone into developing the US military cannot easily be "beaten" by throwing a hundred million man army against it. That's because. . .
    Oceans / Logistics -- it would take a standing army of somewhere between 50-100 million people to invade and occupy NOT JUST the US but also Canada (whose entire defense depends on the US and would not stand idly by -- even if you somehow managed to convince Japan and the EU to do nothing -- but you wouldn't, because Japan, South Korea and Western Europe depend mightily on the US for defense).

    But fine. The logistics of transporting the military equipment across the oceans and get them to the US, then fight across the continent and conquer it would gobble up a generation of life-blood from both nations. The numbers of body-bags, as mentioned, would deplete even a nation like China in very short order.
    Navy -- It's inconceivable that in anything under 20-30 years, the two nations would build a navy suitable to not only neutralize the US Navy's domination, but would do so sufficiently to transport the insane material and personnel needed to invade the US.
    Home Soil -- any invading army would have to battle across a nation of 300 million people fighting on their home soil. Scorched-earth would need a new name. Look what the Russians did to the Germans and the Germans only made it 1/10 the way into the full size of the nation. North America (Canada/USA) are roughly the size of Russia. The manpower needed to trek across the continent and fight a military that has all its people and equipment "here" would be unsustainable by any ten invading nations, let alone Russia and China combined.

  • I do not believe China can win an all-out war with the US in the next 5 years.

    It is undeniable that China has reached the superpower status. However, going against the US is not just a war against another superpower but against THE superpower.
    It is true that the PLA have amassed a strong military, capable of going even with the US in paper, but the question is whether they will be able to operate under duress. While the US has been everywhere in the last 4 decades, China's only real test is with Vietnam which lasted barely a month. SImulation is on a very different level with actual combat.
    Another factor to play is the alliance the US has. THe United States of America and its allies has this modern type of vassalage where all countries involved benefit from the alliance. An all-out war would surely bring its solid allies into the fray for the sake of profit and for fear of change whereas China's loose allies would be more hesitant going into a war with low percentage of victory.

  • Just no... No

    They may have a huge military but they lack quality. The usa has the best soldiers in the world and the usa is the strongest military in the world. The usa could easily take down china, just drop some bombs (not nukes), invade, and then poof... The usa wins the war.

  • No,i dont think

    China is much more strong than usa both for its population of 1,4 bilions of people and for its growing technological power,and we forget even that they have nuclear power and an alliance with Russia that could destroy Usa very easily.I think Usa with the help of other countries could put them in difficulties

  • No,i dont think

    China is much more strong than usa both for its population of 1,4 bilions of people and for its growing technological power,and we forget even that they have nuclear power and an alliance with Russia that could destroy Usa very easily.I think Usa with the help of other countries could put them in difficulties

  • China copies off stealth technologies from other countries.

    First off, China does not even know how to create its own stealth technologies. Second, China's stealth technologies are so useless, old, outdated and weak compared to America's stealth technologies. They are copied from different countries. America has successfully built, created and designed its most advanced stealth and more powerful technologies than China. They are also brand new and known weapons but only to America and are also capable of destroying enemy ships, aircraft, ground units and has the ability to blast any missiles right out of the sky before they can reach their targets.

  • No, I do not believe China could beat the USA in a war.

    No, I do not believe China could beat the USA in a war. China many more troops, but with the USA's Naval superiority there is no way that China could do any sort of invasion from the sea to get ground troops onto American soil. Their only option would be to somehow convince Canada or Mexico to let them move troops into the USA through those borders, and that would never happen. Even if it did happen, there are no big important population centers on the borders so there would really be nothing for China to take over on those borders and the USA would be able to repel the invaders using their Air Force and missile strikes.

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