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  • Can anyone rescue the GOP?

    Christie is not your typical Republican; he is loud, overweight, speaks his mind and is not afraid to roll his sleeves and get to work. He is imperfect and more like one of us. He doesn't seem to play the game that everybody else plays; he delivers. Maybe GOP should get notes from him and get to work if they want to be more popular.

  • Chris Christie Isn’t Superman.

    Looking at the state of the current GOP, to even ask the question represents failure in one’s basic understanding of the depth of the problems facing the GOP. However, he can be a positive alternative to some of the more radical elements of the party. I can see him at the top of a 2016 ticket with a Hispanic on the undercard.

  • No, he's too liberal.

    No, Chris Christie cannot rescue the GOP, he's too liberal for the party base. He's more Democrat than Republican, and is too angry with his own party to be effective. He could win the presidency, however, as he's popular among most moderates on both sides of the aisle. He's more likely to rescue the Democrats!

  • Doubt it

    I'm a Democrat but I actually like Chris Christie a lot, he does the party line insufferable thing at times (RNC I wanted to strangle him) but most of the time tells it how it is. He has no problem calling out people on either side of the aisle and we really need more of that to get Washington back on track, not just the GOP. One man can't do it though, he needs other representatives of his party to follow his example.

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