• She will win

    Hillary Clinton is the most viable candidate on either side at this point. She has proven experience in politics, and despite what many think, this is actually a great thing. She knows how to get things done and is realistic in what can be done. Hillary will fight on, and her strength will only grow. She will eventually win the democratic nomination and the presidency.

  • Clinton is very likely to have a strong female following

    Unless some great electoral cataclysm happens during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton is likely to have a higher proportion of the female vote than any other candidate. While polls fluctuate over time, her claims to be a champion of women have gained traction. It is not likely that her husband's philandering will influence this.

  • Clinton can win among female voters

    I believe Hilary Clinton can win amongst the female voting population. Our country has long been run by males and we saw a change in our society when our voting population elected a black male into the presidency. Our country is constantly looking for new ideas and fresh faces, so I think the female voters will rally behind this first female candidate to bring their ideas and issues to the forefront.

  • She probably will win amongst female voters, unfortunately.

    She says she will help women. Yeah, right. Don't get your hopes up, or you'll be crushed when I'm right. She doesn't care about other women or minorities. She only sees them as blue voters who will believe anything she says. As a matter of fact, if she cared about minorities, she wouldn't have accepted the $20,000 donation from the KKK. If she truly cared about other women, she would have stood up to Islam, a male supremacist religion that allows rape, by now.

  • Clinton will surely attract more female voters

    It is without a doubt that Hillary Clinton will win more female voters than Bernie Sanders. Just by being the same sex, she understands more of the feminine side of things and can explain and extrapolate more of the female psyche. It has always been that way with elections, candidates win their side.

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