Can commanders count upon qu--rs to be competent combatants in a crisis?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • ABSOLUTELY Without Question!

    Last I checked we have primates of all kinds around the world capable of pulling a trigger!

    And wouldn't you want someone covering your butt in a combat situation who also loves your butt?! Makes sense to me!

    In some of the most vicious warring cultures throughout human history, some would send women and children into combat first.

    For a couple of reasons:

    Psychological Warfare - How crazy are a people if they send women and children into battle first? Women and children are forced to deliver death blows as swiftly and cleanly as possible to preserve their own lives and cannot risk direct hand-to-hand combat.

    War Strategy - Why use up your strongest soldiers and warriors first? It is better to save them for last, while you weaken their strongest first.

  • We're here, we're queer, deal with it.

    Queer: differing in some way from the norm. I would say that anyone who hates on gays is the queer, and not the gays themselves. Love between two consenting adults is in no way queer, and I wonder what God would say about you hating gays when He does not. The Bible actually supports same sex marriage, so run with that, big guy. I would love to debate you on this.

  • Yes of course

    They can and I think it's rather unfair to call them q..Rs again here is another attack on people because of there sexual orientation .This is very unfair and just another typical attack on someone because there different , I suppose it's just another example of lazy thinking based on zero evidence .

  • If you were in the army would you trust a homosexual soldier to watch your back?

    If so, you shouldn’t because it wouldn’t be your back that he would be watching it would be what’s just below it. Probably. Also, there would no doubt be gay soldiers who would object to wearing khaki uniforms because that colour doesn’t suit their complexion and others who would refuse to black their faces up because they only use Nivea for Men facial cosmetics. I expect. Also, they wouldn’t be willing to rough it like the others demanding accommodation in a “quiet trench” with an en-suite bathroom and a bed with hypoallergenic sheets and pillows. I imagine.

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