• Yes, companies need to try harder.

    Companies definitely need to try more diligently to keep our information safe. One way they can do this is by simply collecting less of it in the first place. When companies do things like tying in rewards clubs/cards with debit information, for example, they are tying in information that doesn't need to be tied together. What is also unnerving is that companies sometimes have breaches and then have them again later on (Michael's craft store is a good example of this), demonstrating that they really aren't doing enough, even when warned that their system can be breached.

  • Companies can be more diligent with information

    People give out their personal information to companies every day. Whether it's a credit card company, a bank, or just your average business. People don't realize that a lot of companies do not practice safe measures to keep their information safe. People have their information leaked all the time, and in some cases, have their credit cards or identities stolen. Companies need to be more secure with our information.

  • Yes companies can (and should be) more diligent it protecting personal information

    In the current environment most companies do not have all the necessary protection in place for personal data they collect from their clients. They collect data from many different sources and combine it to create a client profile and then fail to protect that profile. There needs to be more controls in place for who can access client data.

  • No, our information is leaking through the cracks.

    It's easy to see all the advertising for corporations offering new security set ups, but it's the IT brains who create the hacks for the same programs they get paid for by companies line PayPal and Google. Transparency is not an asset to these companies, but they want you to believe them. It's like saying "Trust me," while holding one hand out and knife behind your back. No one's information is completely safe.

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