• I Love it

    Computers will definitely not be able to substitute for teachers. Although a computer provides students with many illustrations for the lesson, it does not have emotion, which plays an important role in supporting students' mental development. While teachers can realize both positive and negative feelings of their students in order to adjust teaching methods to be more suitable, a computer fails to do this job. By offering encouragement, teachers can easily help their unsuccessful students improve study results.

  • Deal with it!

    Computers are the future of our society. In today's world, computers do millions of things. Computers could be our teachers in the near future. If C3PO could teach young Anakin to build a pod racer, who is to say that we could not create such a device to help us learn?

  • Computers cannot replace teachers yet

    While they may be able to store memory for a while and wont scream at you... They can get viruses and they need power. Not only that but they take material to create and what if a power outage happens what will the computers do . Not much huh? Also computers cant help with emotional problems and teachers would lose jobs and money... Wouldn't that stink??????? Yes it would. So there you have it they cant replace teachers... Even though some of us probably want them to

  • Yes because it is interactive.

    It can give the student a pictorial representation which can help the students to understand better and properly. This for sure makes an improvement in studies rather than teachers wasting so much of energy, even for the students who cannot understand. Some students lag behind in studies because they are afraid to ask even if the teacher is ready to explain again and again. But when it is a computer, students can simply click again to understand . There can be tests on the internet to see how much you have learnt.

  • No computers cannot take the place of teachers!

    Computers cannot take the place of teachers as what happens if we for gotten our password and what happens if we do not know where to go do we go social learning wall or go some where else? No one can live without a teacher because we sometimes do not know some new and interesting idioms ,verbs or words!

  • Teachers need to be replaced.

    I think that becuse kids are moving on and just mabe they will be more interested in the electronic then to the person teaching the subject. Kids are moving on and so that is why I think teachers should be replaced with computers. Also kids hate to be bored and soot might be more fun for kids.

  • A slight possibility

    One of the biggest reasons students commit suicide is because of the bullies at school, and because the think there teacher doesn't care about them. Besides, teachers can bully and hurt students, making fun of them. There was a teacher who made fun of a students hair, posting it on face book for her friends to laugh and make fun of. Lastly, criminals can pose as teachers and murder students easily, because some schools are so desperate for teacher.

  • Get a new job, ya bums!

    JUST GET A BETTER PAYING JOBS, YA NON-MONEY MAKING BUMS! COMPUTERS RULE, TEACHERS SUCK! (Sorry teachers) THIS IS A NEW AGE OF NEW TECHNOLOGY! THIS IS ON THE COMPUTER! GET A BETTER JOB OR GO TO A SCHOOL WITH HUMAN TEACHERS! CREATE YOUR OWN SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! JUST DO IT! DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS AnD JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of course, kids!

    Technology is advancing, kids! Think about it! Computers can teach as well as teachers! It might make school days quicker, organize work, and teachers wont HAVE to lose their jobs! They can teach about how to use them! TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCING! WHAT WILL YOU DO? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT, KIDS!? |=^) ^w^

  • Computers are gooood

    • Computers could help teach countries that teachers don’t want to go because of the pay
    • Teachers could be tired of marking
    • Computers knows more than teachers so you can type out what you want to find out and get the answer in seconds
    • Even when you are not at school you could learn
    • Students could explore theirselves
    • Students who are scared to ask their teachers question could use the computer to find out
    • They could save time
    Rebuttal: long time investment

  • Computers cannot replace teachers!

    It is a much known fact that in this modern age, Technology is replacing almost everything. We do not need papers and pens, As software can be used to write on, We do not need physical books because of the advent of e-books and PDFs. So, The question arises – Can this modern technology replace teachers too? Is this technology sophisticated enough to teach children the way virtual teachers do?

    Everyone has a different perception. But what I believe is that the answer to the above stated arguments is a big ‘No’. Technology cannot replace a teacher. Technology is merely an augmentation to a teacher. It can help the process of learning, But it certainly cannot replace the role of the teacher.
    Technology can make it easy to get educated by sitting at home but that education too is provided by a teacher. Even in online courses, We see that teachers are necessary to give lectures, Whether in the form of videos, Tutorials, Skype sessions, Etc. Children still need to learn computers to operate those online sessions, Which of course are taught by teachers.
    It is significant that we remember, A teacher is more than just a facilitator of knowledge. A teacher also acts as a guide, A mentor and an inspiration for students, A role that cannot be replaced by technology of any kind. Taking critical skills into account like decision making, Time management etc, A child needs a teacher as the technology cannot teach these human skills.
    It is much obvious that technology is assisting students in their learning and it is playing a crucial role in the field of education. But, As of now, It does not have the power to replace teachers because human interaction cannot be replaced by computers and human skills cannot be taught by technology.

  • Teahcers are our second parents!

    Teachers are our second parents so why to be afraid of them. Children can click and then replay the lesson, But they can only replay if they didn’t understand what the teacher said (voice) but if the students don’t understand the meaning of what the teacher said the student can’t ask the meaning. Only for some simple questions the students can ask the computer. Some sites have also complicated words too.
    Students can go on websites but they can get distracted by the advertisements on the websites and they will waste all their time and why to clear your doubts from the websites well you can just call or WhatsApp your teacher and then ask your doubt, This also helps you in increasing your self-confidence.
    Many poor people are able to send their children to school but are not able to afford too much money to get these devices like the phones laptops and most of the people also don’t have Wi-Fi connection and if they have Mobile data then they cannot just buy it every time and at one time they will not have the money to buy it again.
    Ok, Well computers can do millions of things but they can also harm us as increase in SCREEN TIME
    will just destroy our eyes!
    And some people could also open random sites and then there can be some viruses in them.

  • Teachers mold students to be better youths

    T e a c h e r s r u l e w e n e e d t h e m i n o u r l i v e s i f y o u a r e a t e a c h e r reading this your students really appreciates you.

  • AI will not replace teacher!

    Robots if you think about it, Don’t really have a sense of Humour. When a child is getting bullied, Teachers help but robots can’t. Feeling in touch with your student means being able to understand their world. Robots only live in all of our worlds and doesn’t take care of each individual.

  • Computers can not replace teachers

    Teachers may yell sometimes but they do it so we can behave. When a computer is teaching you they might not make you behave. This decreases your knowledge and amount of work everyday. Teachers are also like our second parents. They can help us in time of needs and when we are going through emotional trauma or feeling upset they can give you advice. A computer can not do that for you. SO therefor a computer can NOT replace a teacher.

  • Teachers are needed instead of computers -

    You can get distracted from the work that you're meant to do, Computers can malfunction, And possibly start fires, Unlike teachers, So teachers are safer. Without teachers, We'd be controlled and possibly be taught stuff that shouldn't be taught in schools, By robot malfunctions.
    And finally, Computers cause radiation, So if we use them too much, We get harmed in our body.

  • As far as i am concerned, I think that teachers can never be replaced by computers

    Simply because there is a big difference between a teacher who is a human being and a computer which is a machine. Many things regarding the process teaching - learning cannot be done by computers. Let us take the example of a robot, The robot is just programmed to give informations. It teaches facts, Not any more. It does not smile, It does not show affection, No emotions, Robots are just machines programmed by humans to do what humans want them to do. So it is the same for computers. They have nothing to share but datas. Compared to teachers who share, In addition to knowledge, Their feelings, Their love, Their life experience. Teachers are flexible, They think, They vary techniques of teaching according to the need of the learners, Teachers motivate etc. . . To cut all this short, Learning with computers as teachers can be boring and unlively. Teaching - learning process goes beyond that. It implies humanity. Computers however can be good supports for teachers to better teach effectively. . . .

  • Teachers are smater

    You teacher hater suck ha ha ha hah ha ha hah ha h ah aha hah hahah haha hah hah hah ha hah ahh ha hah ha ha hah ahha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha hah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha h a ha ha

  • Computers don't have feelings

    Computers don't have emotion. They just talk talk talk non stop and they are so boaring the robotic voices and non stop info would kill me i would stangle the stupid thing and say that class is dismissed. Enjoy reading this speech. Bye weirdos bye bye bye bye bye bye.

  • My teacher my hero

    Teachers are our second parent they help us in many things they are some strict but at this point we can learn more the lessons are discussed well unlike in computer you are just going to read but you will not totally understand it so I believe that computers cannot replace my second parent

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