• Yes The Are Smarter

    Computers are way more advanced. They are like a library of info. So if you think computers cant take over your wrong. Also there is online school. Which in are usually cheaper than other schools. So computers can replace teachers. In conclusion computers are way better and can replace teachers.

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  • Computers are advancing

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  • Human Teachers Are Best

    A computer can never fully replace a teacher. Computers may be able to instruct and inform and teach, but there would be no physical interaction that fosters respect, admiration and love of learning that only a human teacher can provide. And besides, how could you give an apple to the Apple?

  • No, computers cannot replace teachers.

    No, computers cannot take the role of teachers but only supplement their instruction. The human element of teacher participation is vital to a student's growth. Computers can impart information but cannot form opinions and teach students to think for themselves. Computers are unable to see students as individuals and adjust their teaching methods to match individual student proclivities.

  • Computers lack many requirements that teachers provide.

    Computers do not express emotion. They are unable to determine right from wrong unless the user enters information into the computer to make that decision. Students must learn how to interact with others, and that requires a teacher who can moderate the interaction. Computers are a powerful learning tool but cannot replace the human interaction students need.

  • No, interaction is important.

    Computers are very helpful in the classroom and are useful for many different subjects, but can never replace teachers. The physical interaction and communication with a teacher face to face is essential to help students connect with the material. In a physical classroom, discussions are simpler, and it is easier to use tangible items to supplement the material.

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