• We the people are the true power structure that created government

    What is regulating your lives? Is it your wives or your husbands? No, because they are governed by marriage contacts which is controlled by the state. A marriage contract is a form of registration with the state. Once we register anything we give up title and the only true title is the MSO (Manufacture Statement or Origin). Contracts are regulating your lives. Those of us that study hidden truths are aware of these facts and also know that no laws have been passed since 1933. What one assume to be law is merely public policy; however we will refer to this as law to enable to speak in a language that most can comprehend. It is therefore safe to say that contract equals law and law equals contact. Despite what you do on a daily basis it involves contact law. Resister for school there is a contact, purchase a home or car or apply for a job there is a contract. Contact, contract, contract! If everything that we do involves contact be it implied or otherwise would it not be rational to know the contact/law.?

    Why would a people volunteer to be a slave? Are you a citizen of the United States? Are you enjoying the benefits? The Constitution was a contact designed by “we the people.”

    Sovereign equal Authority and Authority is sovereign. If you are Sovereign you are self governed because you are the authority. I hared it once said, “govern yourselves or it will be done for you” If we Ordained the Constitution, that is suggesting that we authorized it, and made it law. What law? Common law. Thus in the constitution you witness the law of We the people verbally. I did not say orally I said verbally which is the use of words which is either spoken or written. Orally is to speak. The Constitution did not list anything that states that political figures had any form of control over “we the people” because “we the people” operated in our sovereign capacity. The political wolves that had control and manipulation in mind had to come up with a method of controlling we the people; from such derived the 14th amendment.

    Many so-called whites assumed that the 14th Amendment was designed for the so-called black slaves. I say so-called white and so called black because colors do not denote a nationality of a people; that was a method of control as well. Using skin color to provoke division was another plot of a click of criminals. The 14th Amendment was also created with a deceptive motive of enticing so-called white to be voluntary slaves and the emancipated so-called blacks to remain slaves. Emancipation is not freedom, freedom is freedom. Involuntary Servitude is no longer legal unless you are in prison. If you are a citizen despite the color of your skin, you are a slave!


  • It is human nature

    The nature of self-interest a humans have ensure that they are always looking out for their own preservation and as long as means exists to get ahead of the pack where they can cheat or lie to help their own position these type of taking advantage of people will continue. Safeguards can be put in place but two totally eradicate the issue would be a pipe dream.

  • Its human Nature build inside our DNA

    Its a Survival instinct cannot be stopped. Our economy and culture revolves around these structures. So its just an utopian world and utopian thought that will never ever exist.

    But it must be checked regularly to ensure decentralisation of power and money. Over accumulation of these is bad for our society in whole. But it cannot be completely stopped.

  • Check With The Government

    THINK ABOUT IT: Our lives are getting worse and worse daily , you think that is a coincidence,corruption was always here, from the stone age to Pilate and The Romans.IT is human nature,corruption takes place daily in our homes ,businessis and more . If you think some self confident liar will come along and fix everything , your'e wrong

  • It can be lessen but cannot eradicate

    We do not know whose the corrupt person how can it be eradicated, if the person at the top is the one who is corrupt can it be? It can be lessen by the person who is also corrupt especially if that person is more powerful to the one person is also corrupt they will stop them because of their greediness.

  • That's the world.

    No, corruption, the abuse of public power for private gain, cannot ever be eradicated, because the world is full of people who are broken, fallen, and sinful. People will always act in their own interests, even if that means allowing other people to suffer. Until the world ends, corruption, power, and hate will always be problems.

  • No It Can't

    I do not believe corruption, the abuse of public power for private gain, can ever be eradicated. I believe there will always be people who make there way into the system and take advantage of it, however I believe we need to battle this problem more firmly by penalizing and charging these people more thoroughly.

  • No, power corrupts, and lobbyists seduce

    As the saying goes, power corrupts. People who attain office
    soon discover that they can help their family and their friends. What could
    be wrong with getting a job for a needy relative? Flatterers, lobbyists,
    and advantage seekers flock around novice politicians, making it easy
    for them to step over the line, and praising them when they do. Many
    politicians have resisted the lure of corruption, but many have fallen,
    becoming corrupt almost without noticing that they were selling their

  • No, corruption can never be completely eradicated

    Human nature is flawed. We've tried to put checks and balances to make sure that no one individual has too much power over others. This was put into place for a reason. When an individual finds him/herself with too much power, corruption follows. Human beings struggle with greed, and an insatiable lust for more. Even if you are a "good" person, you have to fight off your natural instinct to want more and better things. Those in power who have the means, are almost guaranteed to use their power for personal gain, even to the smallest degree. Our human nature is too strong to eliminate the deepest darkest parts of it.

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