• Creativity Can Be Nurtured

    Creativity is a spark in each individual. It must be provided with enough oxygen and fuel to become a flame and then a full fledged fire. If the proper teachers and coaches are in place a student's creativity will flourish. If a negative influence occurs the fire of creativity will be extinguished.
    What can not be taught is talent. Baby, that is something one is born with and it is a rare gift!

  • Creativity is not a tangible presence:

    A lot of things count as "creative", which is exactly why it cannot be taught at all; it is not a "thing" but a description of what others consider to be a "thing". For instance the same solution in difference circles is considered creative in one and mundane in the other; this is because of the people contained therein and the value of the solution itself even for the same problem related to the exact same resources.

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