Can criminals be forgiven spiritually due to their circumstances (ex. Stealing because they are poor)?

Asked by: debateforfate
  • Is it wrong to steal when you are poor??

    Stealing is wrong without any doubt! BUT if you HAVE to steal to feed yourself then I dont believe it is! You are stealing to servive! But who is wrong here?? The person stealing food or the government for making the poor poorer or the rich richer!!! . . .

  • Depends on the crime and the circumstances.

    I can understand the need to do a lot of things to survive, stealing to eat is probably the most common one. However, there are some things that I could never forgive.

    A hypothetical scenario:
    A person robs a bank. They shoot my wife in the process. They robbed the bank for money to feed their kids.

    I could understand why they robbed the bank, but would never forgive them for shooting my wife.

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