• All I can say is

    It happened to me. Cyber relation ships lack physical senses like touching and smelling... But a relationship is more than that. You can exchange happiness, love and show you care through words. It doesn't necessarily take a physical touch to show you care. You can send gifts to your partner to show you care. You can video call and phone call them to hear each others voice, there is nothing more relaxing than being on video call with your partner. I went through a cyber relationship for 4 years until we were both able to meet and now we are married and couldn't be happier!
    The issues you and your partner have to face are more difficult to handle than if you were in person but any issue can be overcome with patience, understanding, love, confiding in one another, and supporting one another.
    Love can conquer all and I know it for a fact. Cyber relationships don't work on the most part because of the stress that comes along with it but they can work if you and your partner form a very very very strong love with each other.

  • Cyber love cannot last forever.

    Cyber love cannot last forever. If two people only know each other from the Internet then they are only learning a small part of what the person is about. There is no substitution for close contact and getting to know a person face to face. Cyber love is fleeting and cannot last.

  • Sensuality is essential to love.

    Love is a sensual emotion. The primary drawback to cyber love is that it does not evolve many of the senses that are essential to maintaining love. Touch and smell, in particular, are key senses that many need in order to feel true love. Though cyber love may ignite an initial spark, without eventual physical contact, it is impossible to sustain a relationship.

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