• Yes, it's not that big of a threat.

    Say little Timmy goes online and finds somone sending nasty messages to him on a webchat. Well, luckily for Timmy, he doesn't have to whine about it and make a big deal of it! He has some WONDERFUL friends he can use called the "Ignore/Block Button" to quiet the bully, and the "Report" button to prevent him from doing this to others!

  • Yes, cyberbullying can be stopped.

    There is no reason to think that something like bullying can not be stopped. Bullies are the way that they are because they have not been taught right by their parents. If parents take the time to raise their child correctly and show them that everyone should be treated with respect then people will stop doing it. It will take time but it will take the effort of the parents to stop and do this with their children.

  • Attitudes Must Change

    Cyberbullying can be stopped, but only when attitudes of society change. Bullies are very lonely and scared people who are afraid of people different from they are. Kids shouldn't be telling each other to go kill themselves because emotional teens have taken those comments seriously. Cyberbullying will end, but only when the parents of children have a little more love for their kids and harsh lessons aren't passed on to the next generation.

  • No, cyberbullying can not fully be stopped.

    No, I don't think cyberbullying can be totally controlled. Mass efforts can be in place to change the presence of some of the harassment, such as online moderation and community efforts. However, a lot of the bullying is never discovered until someone has suffered tremendously from it. I believe there can be a reduction in the amount of incidents if more people speak up when they witness these attacks.

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