Can cyberstalking laws reduce crime among today's teenagers?

  • Yes, but it will take time.

    Cyberstalking is going to become a criminal activity punishable by the law, and that is a good thing that will minimize this behavior among teens and other youngsters. However, it is going to take time before they find out and truly believe that they are really going to be prosecuted for this.

  • Yes,cyberstalking laws ccan reduce crime among today;s teenagers.

    Yes,cyberstalking laws can reduce crime among today's teenagers.many of the crimes today can be traced back to some kind of internet usage.A lot of the bullying going on today happens on the internet where criminals can stay anonymous to a great degree.New laws would help that situation to a great extent.

  • Consequences Needed for Suggest the Severity of the Issue

    As a teacher, I see every day how consequences affect behavior. Teens will break school policies when they are not strictly enforced or overlooked. However, when a rule that is being broken constantly begins to be enforced regularly by implementing consequences that are given in a timely fashion, the negative behavior suddenly diminishes. While there are always going to be rule breakers despite the level of enforcement, and some behaviors will never reach extinction, serious consequences do tend to lower the likely of engagement in the behavior linked to the reinforcement. Because cyberstalking has become a serious problem, it needs to be given serious consequences.

  • Crime is crime

    It won't reduce a lot of crimes, but cyberstalking has become extremely serious, among teenagers especially, and there need to be laws to show teenagers that their actions on the Internet are not harmless, and that they are just as permanent as violations committed in the light of day. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking is no different from real bullying and real stalking.

  • Cyber stalking laws reduce crime among today's teenagers.

    Cyber stalking laws can not reduce crime among today's teenagers. I think it is up to the teenagers and the parents to prevent this. To the criminal, it does not matter what law is put in place because criminals do not respect laws even though it may mean that they can get in trouble.

  • No, cyberstalking laws can't reduce crime among today's teenagers.

    No, I do not believe cyberstalking laws can reduce crime among today's teenagers. There is just no way to police the Internet enough to stop cyberstalking. People can use fake names, fake emails and fake social media accounts to get around the laws. Once a rumor starts about a teen online they will be subject to bullying from people all around the world even some adults.

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